This session ended with a crash excel

I would really appreciate assistance on this as it is so frustrating - it's now happening more frequently. Please try a lower page number.

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Issue: If, i have not loaded, vBA during the session, i am looking to load the userform, Excel crashes. This session lasted 261359 seconds with 10020 seconds of active time. Thanx for the reply. Unfortunately, I have already tried this as well as uninstalled and reinstalled Office the last round (when I had the 2-days without any incident then it came back).

I have a user that has Excel 2007 crashing over and over.

Ive found that the spreadsheets tend to stay working whilst youre looking at them (if you dont click Enable Content however it crashes when you try and do anything useful such as copy/paste, etc. Question: In review of my Option Explicit code, I am unsure of the issue, as it runs once VBA has been opened during the session.

Excel has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem message. Please enter only numbers. I have run diagnostics, Office Diagnostics, updated drivers, disabled all add-ons, and sent reports to microsoft on each occurrence.

The free Microsoft Security Essentials provides all the protection that you need against virus and malware attacks. DLL, zspool32.EXE, ztag32.DLL, zuninst. Unfortunately Windows never seems to be able to find the elusive solution that we need.

Sometimes Excel just crashes when opening the file, even without enabling macros. Change or update the printer drivers on the system to fix. The "Problem Reports and Solutions" shows "stopped working" as the problem. Code in Question: Dim r As Long, c As Long, v As Long r w c lumn With Sheets Bldr For v 0 To 28 If Len(bstitute(.Cells(r, c 3 v "a Len(.Cells(r, c 3 v) Then Controls CheckBox".