I am in love with my baby daddy

He was concerned because he bonded instantly with our son (whos now 19 months). Or perhaps youre worried that your relationship with your first will suffer when you need to split your attention between two children.

The baby was easier to deal with than a cranky, wilful toddler. But this made me feel like my older child was slipping away from me and he seemed to blame me for giving him a little rival!

We made a huge fuss of him and included him in everything. You just have a different and individual love for each child. Unfortunately, I developed postnatal depression and it took a while to really love him as much as my first. Katie I spent a lot of my second pregnancy feeling anxious that I wouldnt love this baby like I loved my first.

It was hard to get used to this change, but we're all one big happy family now. More, new comment, solo una sugerencia: no sera ms natural «la. We were as one babe, for a moment in time, and it seemed everlasting, that you would always be mine, now you want to be free, so, i'm letting you fly. You dont have to share the love you have for an existing child with your new one.

They hate being apart. Emma When our second baby boy arrived I was just as overwhelmed with emotion as I was with my first. Last reviewed: February 2020. Yet theyd felt so small holding mine the day before.

I cried a lot and felt guilty that I was putting my son through such a huge change. But I neednt have worried, because when I held my new baby girl for the first time, I felt an instant flow of love.

Ashley When my second baby came along, I got so wrapped up in her that I tended to hand her older brother over to his father. She wasnt my little girl any more, she was all grown up by comparison. More, new comment, concurred with the comments above!

You'll always be a part of me (you will always be) I'm part of you indefinitely Girl don't you know you can't escape me Ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby And we'll linger on (we will linger. She adores her brother, and he adores her.

More, new comment, hi please fix the following lyrics: https. While I wouldn't do this again, it did create a really strong bond between my son and his dad. Chloe It was love at first sight I started panicking the moment I found out I was pregnant, as I didnt know how I could possibly love another child as much as I loved my son. Baby believe me it's only a matter of time You'll always be a part of me I'm part of you indefinitely Girl don't you know you can't escape me Ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby And we'll.

That way they get time together while I play or read with our son. I worried needlessly My daughter was two when I had my second baby. But I try to let my daughter help me with her baby brother and she really does love him. Ive started pumping a bottle so my husband can feed her.

Take comfort from what other, babyCentre mums felt the second time around. He needs feeding every couple of hours so he takes up a lot of my time. You may think that you couldnt possibly love your second baby as much as you love your first.