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You can then explore all the pages on your site that are indexed. You cant hope to fix the issue unless you understand what went wrong. If you want to check the status of a particular URL, use the URL Inspection tool. But according to this study, almost nobody clicks beyond the first page.

Head to our Q A section to start a new conversation. How to submit your website to Baidu You only need to submit to Baidu if your website targets people in China, where Baidu has a 66 market share. You can usually find your sitemap at one of these URLs: m/sitemap.

Google cant crawl the page because its blocked in robots. Google believes this page is duplicate content and has chosen to index what it believes to be the canonical instead.

Now thats out of the way Here are the official ways to submit your website to search engines: How to submit your website to Google Log in to Google Search Console, hit Sitemaps on the left menu, paste in your sitemap URL, then hit submit. Many similar guides say to check indexing status by searching Google for site:m.

We are a result driven company that delivers. Their primary way of finding new websites and pages is crawling. If your website or webpage isnt indexed, the first step is to figure out why. Google and Bing both discontinued their URL submission tools in 2018.

Free to use and easy to activate, the plugin will automatically submit your new or updated content.

Submitting your website to Google and Bing gives you access to free tools to help improve your website. Google wont index redirected pages, so remove the redirect if the page shouldnt be redirected. If youre still having no luck, chances are you dont have a sitemap. Read more 4,283 Directory Backlinks Provide a permanent directory listing to clients and create a premium backlinks through listing.

Hit Request indexing to ask Google to crawl and index the page. At the time I'm writing this, the only ones you need to worry about are the BIG 3 - that is Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Usually, this isnt an issue, but you should investigate further if you believe the page should be indexed. Any useful content they find gets added to their index.

Read more 1,264 Social Media Accounts Social Media Accounts maintained on a daily basis in updating posts and reaching out new clients. But heres an excellent guide to Baidu submission in case you need it.

If the page is indexed, youll see the URL is on Google confirmation. Did I miss anything?