In the shadows of the valley fallout

Fixes to some noted issues like the pip-boy map not working though currently there is only a grey block as the background. I plan on making this mod available on the XBone, but I might not be able to have a small enough mod or a mod that is FPS friendly enough for console.

Other Comments: This mod currently requires all 6 of the Bethesda given DLC as those are the ones I have installed though it only uses assets from Nuka World and Far Harbor as far as I know. A new Vegas-esc reputation system that has some kinks I am trying to Iron out.

I know) New: -cave system that will become the home of a new faction that tames radscorpions. (in the videos tab) Thanks for giving my mod some extra attention. Quick note, the first quest is set to start upon the first location change after reaching level 5 or on game launch if you are already level 5 or higher.

I will keep this here till I either commit to releasing an Xbox patch or I give up on trying to solve compatibility issues. A nice community really helps encourage people to continue.

Thanks: To all the people in the comments who reported bugs or gave feedback on my mod or even just nice words, I wanna say thanks. Possible Conflicts: Mods that add radio stations are likely to conflict with this mod as the first quest involves adding a radio station. To address something people have pointed out. The, early, alpha version of a mod that will eventually add a new area to explore, new factions to interact with, new companions and characters and much more.

Fallout New Vegas inspired, I am trying to capture some of the gameplay and design aspects that made me love Fallout New Vegas while bringing them.

If you find characters with silence as their voice I probably haven't added their dialogue yet. To start small, rather than 3 major factions and a fourth major raider factions being the starting point since I am not a development team and am just person, I am starting smaller with only a few. After playing both Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas I want to include some of the aspects I loved about New Vegas such as reputation with locations and a more player action oriented story compared to a train track. A small chunk of the new world to explore with some enemies spread out and some reference to future content.

Because of the radio stations are handled in the creation kit the number I chose might be used in a different mod so watch out. Many bugs and glitches most of which I don't even know about yet so let me know if you find anything (Don't message me about the trees floating in the lieve. The beginning of the Overseers area filled with lush and overgrown plant life to begin the overgrown feeling you can expect for most future areas.

I never like having a voiced player in an RPG as I felt it took away from the roleplaying potential. If you find NPCs with silence and unskippable dialogue, that is likely an audio file that I didn't package correctly. Overview: 4 major factions fighting for control of a collection of cities to the south of the Commonwealth surrounded by mountains making it nearly impossible to travel safely too.

It shouldn't actually affect any gameplay except that you might have your favorite tunes from a mod interrupted by a British text to speech man until you complete his quest. If you are a lore expert and find something in my mod that doesn't match up with the canon lore for the Fallout series, please let me know so I can find a change that makes my mod remain Lore-friendly. Plans for upcoming releases include the second raider gang, The Overseers who you can meet a few members of currently, branching quest completion options for quests involving the raiders and the ability to join up with a raider.