Are you watching me record mix

My husband lives, that Tybalt would have slain, And Tybalts dead, that would have slain my husband. While putting a lens on the movements in the city last year, through the eyes of Ryan Parks AKA Fit Of Body and Gabby Afable, we were tipped off on another new name producer and DJ Zaida. So, when she asked me, I went on and told her the truth.

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Rodeo, lyrics: Daytrip took it to 10 (Hey) / Oh, here we go, please let me know / Oh, fore you go, don t leave me in the cold / If I took you everywhere, then well, you wouldn t know how to walk.

Everybody went: Oh, all at the same time and some of the older kids climbed the fence and took it out of the tree like they were at a ball game. I was walking by you to go into the house cause you sitting on the steps drunk, singing to yourself. Mum was reading in her room and I was just watching TV, I could have just left it on, sneaked out, come and found you. After all, most TV stations now offer their content online.

I really like him, except for what he says. Im killing for myself.

Forty four years of tradition. Say it, Mama, say. Bit of a kid worked out the answer to the Jewish problem, eh Dad?

I read about that Chinese Emperor whose tomb theyve been digging. Dont worry, I know why youre not answering. After combing her soundcloud and rinsing her mixes, which include an instalment for Discwoman that celebrated the collective identity of both Atlanta's scene and her contemporarys in Nashville and Knoxville, we wanted to hear more of Zaida's sonic storytelling.

I mean, I was the one, wasnt I? Everybody was out of their house.

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