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New members can register as a volunteer and/or host. There are quite open about their statistics and after talking with some members of their staff, I do not doubt that TrustRoots will stay forever free and honest to its original values. It therefore also allows various groups and organization to strengthen their community by promoting travel, hosting, and sharing within the group. And they have just released a beta version of their Android app!

Handy Travelers edit # of members: Unknown m is an online hospitality exchange organization that offers homestay for travellers. Hosts offer guests long term accommodation in exchange for help.

Hosts provide sleeping space. Traveling members pay a gratuity of 15-30/night to their hosts. Hospitality, club is currently the second largest of such organization.

Profiles can be translated into other languages to make finding a host easier. Travelers can contact each other via the website with accommodation requests and leave references for each other after they meet. Intervac edit # of members: 30,000 Intervac dates back to 1953 facilitates home-for-home exchanges and discounted home rentals. Work can be anything from working with animals to help around the house.

Couchsurfing, perhaps the mother of all hospitality exchange sites right now, Couchsurfing has exploded into a total behemoth in the past few years, thanks to a lot of recent publicity.

All features of the website are free. The site allows hosts to set what they are willing to pay, in terms of a bed, food, or money using a barter point system and a traveller can set what barter points they want to charge. This course was made for YOU! Evergreen Bed Breakfast Club edit # of members: 2,000 Evergreen Bed Breakfast Club is a hospitality exchange network for people over the age of 50 and is mostly active in the United States and Canada.

The website is currently financed by donations of approximately 2,000 per year. Members receive online access where they can search for hosts in locations they want to travel to and interact with Google Maps to help plan trips. If the guest damages the property of the host, the host may be eligible for reimbursement from Airbnb under its 1,000,000 guarantee. However, unlike Airbnb, monetary exchange between the host and guest is forbidden; beyond the subscription fee, stays are completely free.

Members fill out a detailed profile that includes their interests and pictures. It allows travelers to reach out and connect with hosts with whom they belong to a common group or have a mutual friend. ATC is a community-oriented club with regular events. Workaway is aimed at budget travellers and language learners looking to become more immersed in the country and culture they are journeying through while allowing local hosts to meet like-minded people who can provide the help they require.

Free: All time, hospitality, club is based on the same concept as, couchsurfing hospitality exchange between travellers around the world. The website is most popular in Australia and New Zealand. World Packers edit # of members: 1,000,000 m is an online hospitality exchange platform for travelers and hosts from 170 countries, individuals, hostels, inns, NGOs, communities and ecological projects that you can work-exchange with and in exchange receive free stay, food, lessons and other benefits.

It's sponsored by tejo, the World Organization of Young Esperantists, who publish a book each year listing thousands of hosts in 80 countries. Be Welcome edit # of members: 120,000 BeWelcome was founded in early 2007 and is grouped in the non profit BeVolunteer organization. The duration of an exchange can range from a few days to over a year.

Host A Sister welcomes all females age 18 or older to join regardless of which gender was assigned at birth. This group has 170.000 members. This is how they describe themselves : We are a global community of women, a place where sisters can connect to form friendships around the world during their travels or even share their homes for free as part of a cultural exchange.

More members than other alternative websites Transparent team about their needs Free and open-source Not as many potential hosts as Couchsurfing One-time 30 160.000 Members WarmShowers was founded in 1993 by a couple of Canadian cyclists and currently, it has almost 160.000 members. Pasporta Servo edit # of members: 1,350 PasportaServo. An individual exchange worker sign-up account subscription costs a fee of 42 USD (36 euros, cost as of 2019 year) per 12 months, after which it can contact any of the hosts on the website and discuss a possible exchange arrangement.