Level 3-8 angry birds star wars

This page contains the solution of level b3-8 in episode 3 (Battle of , naboo) from the popular iOS and, android game, angry, birds, star, wars. Angry, birds, star, wars, windows, phone.

Level B3-17: Battle of Naboo (Bird Side). Blast the, tNT on the right side while dropping, captain, panaka on the left TNT.

Level B03-19: Battle of Naboo (Bird Side). App, update: Temple, run 2, Zombie, road, trip, Angry, birds, star, wars - 01:06, angry, birds, star, wars: Hoth Level 3-18 3 Star Walkthrough 01:06 Angry Birds Star Wars: Path of the Jedi Level J-28 3 Star Walkthrough. Level B3-13: Battle of Naboo (Bird Side).

This is the, battle. Naboo, then take the fight into space. Level B3-14: Battle of Naboo (Bird Side). You can, of course, use Telepods or the in-game store to tag in new characters, but these videos will show you how to finish the stage with the default set of birds.

Watch the pros in action and mimic their movements, and you'll unlock those all-important stars in no time at all. Trailer 01:27, angry, birds, star, wars, headed to, consoles Angry, birds, sW, iI, announced 00:28, console, trailer 08:31, android. Level B3-S1: Battle of Naboo (Bird Side).

Level B3-5: Battle of Naboo (Bird Side). Join the Pork Side (Battle of Naboo P3-1 to P3-20) Battle of Naboo (Bird Side). Level B3-8: Battle of Naboo (Bird Side). November 2012 00:56, character.

Map 1 (Level B3-7 Battle of Naboo (Bird Side). Check out our 12 other Angry Birds Star Wars II news stories! Level B3-18: Coming soon Battle of Naboo (Bird Side).

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Level B3-7: Battle of Naboo (Bird Side). Level B3-S2: Want more? « Previous level Next level » Comments There are no comments yet. These vids should help you get three-star scores on every level in this chapter.