Hd videos of earth from space

Nasa is taking people around the world to the, international, space, station with this live streaming webcam. Originally published. UrtheCast also aims to sell its imagery to a variety of customers, including government agencies interested in tracking resource use and private companies that want to keep tabs on their operations (and perhaps the operations of their competitors).

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the, apollo 11, moon, landing with views that are out of this terally! (SpaceX holds.6 billion deal with nasa to make 12 such resupply flights.) Astronauts then installed the cameras on the space station, and they became operational on April. Daydreaming about being an astronaut just got a whole lot easier.

Related: nasa Uses Supercomputers and AI to Count Earths Trees From Space for the First Time Other observations include several space walks, and a five-minute montage of the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis taken at different points in orbit that are mind-bogglingly gorgeous. Views of the Moon As our nearest cosmic neighbor, enormous bodies of imaging data exist of the Moon, including a spectacular 4K recording of its permanently-shadowed far side, where the viewer can see exactly what the Apollo 13 astronauts saw all those years ago. Hdev isn't the only Earth-imaging project aboard on the International Space Station.

You can follow nasa's stream directly here: /channel/iss-hdev-payload. Nasa is now live-streaming views of, earth from space captured by four commercial high-definition video cameras that were installed on the exterior of the, international, space, station last month.

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The students are also operating the experiment. The Vancouver-based company UrtheCast (pronounced "Earthcast has two HD cameras on the orbiting lab.

The project, known as the, high, definition. "Analysis of the effect of space on the video quality, over the time hdev is operational, may help engineers decide which cameras are the best types to use on future missions. Additional updates will be published as they become available.

One of them, known as Theia, takes pictures with a resolution.5 feet (5 meters while the other camera records video that can resolve details as small as 3 feet (1 m) across. These two cameras, which together cost 17 million, were installed by spacewalking cosmonauts in January.

The hdev gear arrived at the orbiting lab aboard SpaceX's robotic Dragon capsule, which blasted off on its third contracted cargo mission on April. The videos in the nasa video gallery show our star in 10 different light spectrums, allowing us to see colors of the Sun which our eyes cannot perceive. Views of the Sun As a species, sungazing is not recommended.