010 invalid image or old version

Alimac VIP Member VIP Member May 11, 2015 flashing bootloader is finished in a second or two you may miss it as not always gives flashing finished notice @ least for me if i were you ad flash bootloader. Convert the Image File Format Open the image with Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Open the image file with a Browser Right click on the image file Point the cursor on Open with option.

Will try that boot loader, sunray does not recognise bin files, or is there another sunray flasher that accepts bin files, I'll see if I need to reset my ip again and try both ways and. 84b images download Download You need 84d before youll get a decent image. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 28, 2017 Ferret Administrator Staff member Administrator May 11, 2015 sbg123 said: ok flashed image you just sent and it sent box back to bootloader 79?

Click on the respective browser. Im sure your on the standard web interface and not the flash firmware page.

Becuase holding and keeping the button pressed does give you the flash page the ip could be totally different to the one the image may show you. Yes using the ip given by my internet router to the dreambox I get that page, I press flash upgrade and get the second page you show, I browse for the Nfi file for the boot loader and. You must avoid the various mistakes that can lead to this type of image error.

Which files can i use on this that you reccommednd? Weiter zum, link, zurck zur, webseite, benutzer online 18 zur, zeit sind 18 Mitglieder (davon 1 unsichtbar) und 131 Gste online - Rekord:.424 Benutzer Wer war online 19 Heute waren bisher 19 Mitglieder online Diese Seite verwendet Cookies.

Flashing failed (!010 invalid image(or old version) box

But I would only recommend using this tool if you have:- Windows as an operating system of any version Minimum RAM of 512 MB 50 MB of Space Dont worry if you have different image file format other. Forced Shutdown- If the size of the image file is large then it takes time in closing. I thought maybe by holding that button it may have entered flash mode or summat but i guess not, as i already have the ip address to get to the web interface page that first step is im guessing irrelevant. Now open the image file and I hope your error has been fixed.

If the manual tricks dont work then you can also try the professional software. Now try to open the image and see whether the error is still occurring or not. Go to File tab and click on Save As In Save as Type column choose the format either.png.bmp Click on Save.

Datenschutzbestimmungen dort keine, anwendung finden. Can you give me a screen shot of the web interface your getting? If the browser is unable to open to open your image then there is some severe corruption in the image file which cant be fixed manually. Well thats all and I think the information which I have provided are enough to deal with the problem.

Sim2_500HD_ssl84B.rar 343.5 KB Views: 14 May 11, 2015 Ferret said: How you get to that page without holding in the front button and powering on may mean there is a fault. I hope you must have got the solution to your problem. Durch die Nutzung unserer Seite erklrst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies setzen. Du bist in, begriff, m, dreambox, support zu verlassen, um auf die folgende, adresse weitergeleitet zu werden: Bitte beachte, dass wir fr den, inhalt der, zielseite nicht verantwortlich sind und unsere.

This tool is very easy to use and it has a very friendly user interface. It can be either due to the large size of the image file or due to the incompatible file format. Ferret Administrator Staff member Administrator May 11, 2015 Can you get to this page And this.7 KB Views: 0 May 11, 2015 Ferret said: Can you get to this page And this Click to expand.

Ferret Administrator Staff member Administrator May 9, 2015 sbg123 said: ok think i found issue, just used dcc and it cant connect to box saying 'login failed'? May 9, 2015, ferret said: It happen so quick you may not see it small file.

Once the image gets opened and displayed in front of you on the browser, you can save it from there. In this article, i am going to discuss how to fix, invalid or unknown image file format error. Ferret Administrator Staff member Administrator May 11, 2015 sbg123 said: ok so it dont make sense how i have never done that before yet i still had an ip address?