Goal setting activity for students

Think of them as your own accountability partner and coach, right in your pocket. If you have a goal in mind that you want to reach, research the goal-setting activities youll need to complete to get thereand then research some more!

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. How is this related to your career goals?

Staying on Course Once you've decided on your first set of goals, keep the process going by reviewing and updating your To-Do List on a daily basis. So keep at it, and push forward even when you fail in one or more areas. R Relevant (or Rewarding). To make it happen, it helps to stack the deck in your favor.

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At the end of each week, have the pairs check in with one another about how they are progressing on their chosen virtue. Consider having them join with other pairs working on one of the same virtues to expand the problem-solving pool. There are even beautiful planners specifically designed for planning your goals. Dont give up when you fail Again, notice the wording on this one.

Write goals down This crystallizes them and gives them more force. While there are plenty of variants (some of which we've included in parenthesis smart usually stands for: S Specific (or Significant).

Feed lessons you have learned back into the process of setting your next goals. With the experience of having achieved this goal, review the rest of your goal plans: If you achieved the goal too easily, make your next goal harder. After all, would you set out on a major journey with no real idea of your destination?

If a goal is too large, then it can seem that you are not making progress towards. T Time-bound (or Trackable). Write it down several times, and put notes in places where you will see them throughout the day.

Make sure your friend is the type who will actually call you out if you flake, though. You'll also quickly spot the distractions that can, so easily, lead you astray. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life.

Begin by orienting your students as follows: Step 1: At the start of the school year, its important to set goals. If so, how are you going to be a good parent? Starting to Set Personal Goals You set your goals on a number of levels: First you create your "big picture" of what you want to do with your life (or over, say, the next 10 years and identify the. She recommends the following interview structure as a way to help students set goals (which can also be framed as smart goals).

Its not easy to write smart goals. If youre here, youve already completed step one in the goal-setting process: You recognize an area for improvement and you acknowledge that you need to take responsibility and do something about.