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Grey uniform Found in the closet on the first floor of Brunwald Castle. If you don't have the pass, you will need to talk or fight your way through the various roadblocks. Credits Kimmo Hyvarinen: For corrections on the amount of marks needed to bribe the guards at the roadblocks. Henry'S house Pick up the plant on the table and then pull the table cloth to see the chest.

Pick up the trophy on top of the file cabinet. You must make your way through the Zeppelin, find your father's Grail Diary and make good your escape. Say "That is your final word?". Money Marks can be found by fighting some of the guards in Brunwald Castle and opening the chests and cabinets in some of the rooms.

Climb up the ladder, walk right and climb down the ladder. Go right at the junction and take the next right to enter the torch room. It is one of two items that can be given to Vogel after Indy sets off the alarm on the third floor of Brunwald Castle. 3: On the six switches at the bottom-right corner of the panel, flick the bottom-right switch.

Continue left at the junction to enter a room with a bridge, which will be lowered if you put the red cordon on the wheel and used the machine earlier. If you gave the Grail Diary to Vogel, Indy and James will travel to Berlin. If you didn't take the manual from the library, then these are the steps that are needed: 1: On the six switches at the bottom-right corner of the panel, flick the middle-left switch.

Use the grey uniform to wear. Walk west to the next room and take the bottom-left exit to the stacks.

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Once you know the two choices for the Grail, refer to the Grail Diary that was included in the game box. Open the first door on the right to return to the kitchen. Do you realize you are out of uniform?".

Follow the path right. Guide information, author: Tom Hayes, e-mail: thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com, system:. Say "May I get you another drink?" to get the stein. You start the level with a full boarding pass which diminishes over time.

Walk right to the junction, up to the corner, left to the corner and. You must be a busy, important man!". This is where the big painting of the Grail in the vault room becomes useful. Worldwide, approximately 62 million units of this console were sold at approximately price 100 per unit.

In the second maze, walk left to the corner, down to the corner, left to the corner, down to the junction and right. The aim here is to pull the statues so that they match the correct configuration shown in the Grail Diary. If you give the Grail Diary to him, there is a short Berlin section to get through first before reaching the airport, although Indy can get the useful signed pass item this way which helps on the roadblocks later. Find digital download of this game on GOG or Steam.