Top open world android games 2016

If you enjoy open world games, and lets be honest, who doesnt? #10 Portal Knights Google Play Price:.99 Portal Knights is a cooperative 3D sandbox action RPG from 505 Games Srl. #15 Ark: Survival Evolved Google Play Price: Free Ark: Survival Evolved is quite a popular game and one you may have already heard about if not played. Players can choose from three classes as they progress through the game, a knight that can wield heavy weapons, an archer who is swift with incredible skill for long range combat, and lastly the mage who possess the power.

This is also not a linear experience so youll have to venture off into the different islands to find new secrets or solve puzzles that may have simply caused a roadblock before you were able to proceed any further into the narrative. #14 Grand Theft Auto III Google Play Price:.99 This is the Grand Theft Auto title that really took off within the series. Within Mines of Mars, players explore an abandoned mining colony that is procedural generated.

#3 Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition Google Play Price:.99 Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition brings back the charm from the original 1998 title and best of all, everything is still here. One day, during a run, Flux becomes a target of an alien menace named Hewgodooko who has since caused our little space trucker to become aware of an upcoming world domination plot.

Additionally, the game offers a bit of a crafting element where players can create their own island full of structures and recruit NPCs they find in the game to live and aid your home. Players must use their cunning to stop this alien attempt in world domination while progressing through this cartoonish isometric action RPG. #13 GTA: Chinatown Wars Google Play Price:.99 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is one of the latest GTA titles to have released for mobile devices.

As you complete the levels youll find that the game will increase difficulty and theres a ton of trial and error type puzzles involved in your escape. We shouldnt have to spend too much time discussing Grand Theft Auto III simply because of its popularity along with being one of the more influential video games of its time. Decided to create an enduring open world adventure and they definitely accomplished their goal. The title puts players onto grand quests as where they will explore the open world environments and defeat a variety of enemies along with boss battles.

As mentioned, the world of Oddworld: Strangers Wrath is stunning, the gameplay mechanics are fun with quirky weaponry and the game world is filled with outlandish characters to meet along your journey. #1 Minecraft Pocket Edition Google Play.99 You knew this one was going to top our list didnt you?

With this title, players start the game out by being captured by a dark wizard who wishes to strip away powers that is your birthright although its up to the players if they wish to turn into the heroic. Players take on the role of an unnamed young boy protagonist who is on a quest to find his lost father. However, we do have to give a bit of a disclaimer here as this game may not be a fully open world.

However, in Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, players take the role of a bounty hunter named Stranger who wanders into the wastelands of Western Mudos, a town filled with belligerent outlaws. Additionally, much like the previous Grand Theft Auto titles on this list, developers Rockstar Games gave the mobile version of the game the royal treatment with updated enhanced visuals and audio. School of Chaos Online mmorpg Google Play Price: Free School of Chaos Online mmorpg is certainly an odd little game but its gameplay proves to be an addicting one. Instead, the game focuses on players ability to survive and gather resources on the island with other players along with hostile dinosaurs.

While new gamers to the franchise may be delighted to play this epic once for the first time ever, the Enhanced Edition brings about new quests to complete, updated visuals, and additional worlds to explore that should give players that already. This is an RPG that takes place thousands of years before the first film which means both the Jedi and Sith are great in numbers. Gamers will locate lost treasure and help the troubled world from the undead army, and explore the various landscapes that range from forests, towns, to dungeons.

Players must save the galaxy from the invading alien threats, careless space pirates, and the power-crazed men who wish to take over total control. Carl was no stranger to the life of gangs and drugs though he managed to escape it for over five years.

Gangstar Vegas Google Play Price: Free If you enjoy video games like the Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row series then Gangstar Vegas is probably your best option for a free alternative on mobile. Its an online action-adventure game where youre left on the shores with nothing and no real goal. #12 Mines of Mars Google Play Price: Free Mines of Mars is described by developers Crescent Moon Games, as an RPG title that shares elements similar to both Metroid and Motherload which is quite apparent when starting the game.

Overall the game of Minecraft is a rather simple one, you explore, craft items, and collect resources. Looking to rid the school from these jocks and thugs, players are tasked in taking them out. The Escapist Google Play Price:.99 The Escapist is a top-down strategy title developed by Mouldy Toof Studios.