Things in the world that are good

To sum up, I would say it does not matter how much money a person has. If he or she is supported by loyal friends, loved by parents and given a good health, it will be a lot easier to gain success and become a happy person. YOU might also like:.

Science and the environment environmental science noun uncountable and countable the scientific study of the relationship between humans and the environment. Recyclable adjective used materials or substances that are recyclable can be recycled recycling point British English, recycling center American English noun countable a place where people can leave bottles, newspapers, old clothes etc which are taken away for recycling. Some people may say having money is enough to be a successful person because, in their opinion, everything depends.

Agricultural Output: Our annual cereal yield has nearly tripled since 1960. If all women had a secondary education, the number of child deaths each year would drop by 3 million. Access to Water: Between 1980 and today, global access to safe water sources has increased from 58.

How people treat you is their karma. Improving water sources worldwide is integral to reducing poverty and increasing food security. Renewable adjective renewable sources of energy use fuels that can be replaced naturally, and so they are never completely used.

Solar power/wind power/wave power energy from the sun, the wind, or the movement of the sea, used to make electricity. In their mind, if a person has a huge amount of money, he or she will be able to buy expensive things and easily realize the dreams. Biodegradable adjective biodegradable materials and products can be broken into small parts and absorbed naturally into the environment. On the other hand, some people claim that being rich means being successful and happy.

Do you think every thing in the world is terrible?

In, our, world, that, are, getting, better. People Living Under Democracy: Since 1816, the amount of people living in a democracy has grown from 1 to roughly 50 of the worlds population.

Today, roughly 54 of people are online. I cannot agree with these people.

Of the worlds 195 nations, 49 are still not considered to be free countries. Even though money can help buy luxurious houses or cars, travel around the world, but it will not buy true friends or love which are the most valuable things in life. Bottle bank noun countable British English a container in the street that you put empty bottles in, so that the glass can be used again. To begin with, there are a lot of things like good health, true friends and happy parents that cannot be bought or sold, so the only challenges a person has are maintaining and supporting a friendship, making parents pleased.

Recycle verb intransitive and transitive to use materials that have already been used, in order to make new products. Female Education: The number of girls enrolled in primary school went up from 65 in 1970 to 90 in 2015. Environmental activist noun countable someone who tries to protect the environment, especially by influencing the government and large companies the Greens noun plural members of the Green party, a political party concerned with protecting the environment. Environmentally friendly/eco-friendly adjective environmentally-friendly products or methods do not cause harm to the environment.