Combination camera with video

But we will low declare value of the package to help u avoid high tax. This way in a rare case a lost or damage on a package, you are fully protected by the insurance.

To avoid damages during the shipping, we use thick packages and foam bag for shipping. Track My Order Hong Kong Registered Air Mail m m Singapore post m Express Shipping (EMS/DHL/UPS/Fedex) EMS: m/ DHL: m/ UPS: m/ Fedex: m/ When it comes to selecting a camera, there are several broad decisions that need to be made. (Imagine calling the police and telling them that the crook got away in a "very dark gray" car, with light gray license plates!) The same thing would be true if you were looking at a crowd of people.

PIR Camera see: motion detector camera Portable Camera (portable camera) see: body worn camera Portable VCR 12V battery operated compact VCR used with body worn cameras for covert operation. Unfamiliar with a spy camera term you've seen on our site? However, most VCRs are limited to 240 lines of resolution in color, and 330 lines of resolution in black and white, unless you buy an S-VHS unit which can record at a higher resolution. We are not held responsible for all lost or any damages occurring during the shipping, we strongly suggest our customers to pay for the extra insurance fee.

Duplex Multiplexer multiplexer with independent viewing control without interfering with recording. This, cCTV, dome, video, camera captures and records a large area. Cctv System General term for a complete security system including camera(s monitor, time lapse VCR etc.

IR (also known as "Nightvision cameras can shoot and record in complete darkness, and they're necessary tools in many surveillance situations. Motion Detector Camera camera with a motion detector that turns on or send record signal to a VCR upon motion. Available in pinhole bullet camera and outdoor bullet camera. A/k/a: mini camera, spy camera Mirror Image Camera (mirror image camera) camera use for vehicle backup viewing.

Digital video recorder Foxtel iQ, a combined digital video recorder and satellite receiver.

For black and white cameras, standard resolution usually means 380 lines, and high resolution means 580 lines. The first option is whether to use color or black and white cameras. Bullet Proof Camera stainless hardened metal cased camera used to resist damage from gun shots. Shipping Time: Registered Air Mail Shipping Time United States: 8-12 working days United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan: 10-15 working days Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greek, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Austria, and other west Europe countries: 12-20 working days, Brazil.

Connects to a monitor or a VCR for recording. Put simply, the higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will appear on the monitor. Color cameras also tend to be more expensive than comparable black and white cameras. The lower the lux rating number, the better a camera is at capturing images in low light.

Nanny Camera (nanny camera) A nanny cam is a complete spy camera system hidden inside various housings such as alarm clock, lamp, plant etc. Electronic Auto Iris auto iris function which is built in to the CCD imaging circuit of the a camera Event Recorder - VCR with a trigger input such as a motion detector (built-in to all time lapse VCR). Digital Multiplexer records image on to a hard disk or CD-ROM.

Most monitors have more than enough lines of resolution for either color or black and white cameras. The disadvantage of color cameras is that in low light situations, a color camera will stop performing, and a black and white camera will continue to operate. If you need to protect an area with poor lighting, you'll want to invest in an IR (infrared) camera system. Express shipping cost is base on your order quantity and destination.

A/k/a: camera housing, environmental housing. There are a few ways to capture and store images from your surveillance cameras.

But it not you must need pay, please think for risky and decide if need pay. PTZ system pan tilt, zoom camera with controller. Miniature lens for board camera, miniature camera and bullet camera. If buyer insist on for use registed airmail service for high cost product we have right to refund buyer ask pay again only by accept Westernuion Moneygram BankTT payment for order.

Some cameras have built in memory cards; others need to be connected to a standalone digital video recorder (DVR). For color cameras, standard resolution means 330 lines, and high resolution means 460 lines. Hard Disk Recorder see: DVR Hidden Camera general term for all covert cameras such as pinhole camera, hidden cam, miniature camera, nanny cam etc. Board Lens 1/2" dia.