The person i would most like to meet

My mum uses a lot of modern devices for cooking. Radio was really popular when people didnt have TV or the Internet. I think nowadays most people prefer living in a city area and few enjoy living in the country.

Do you use many gadgets and devices at home? It was just the draft I liked the most.

It is a great place for any occasion, but it is very busy, so dont forget to book a table first. Their attitude to pupils is always friendly and tolerant.

Why should visitors make reservations in Mi Luna in advance? . Outstanding people Tell me about some Belarusians who are well known all around the world. There are a lot of famous people among Belarusians: writers and poets, artists and sportsmen.

But the most prominent person in Belarus is certainly Boris Kit a great mathematician, physicist, chemist and educator, doctor of philosophy in mathematics and in the History of Science, a citizen of the world. Why did you decide to join this organization? The Internet can offer you a great variety of possibilities connected with advancing your computer knowledge.

The person you would most like to have dinner with, Real or imagined, living or dead.

It isnt classical music but modern. The word old has a very different and very positive meaning in Elderhostel! What is Belarus famous for? What can you tell me about your Motherland?

From your point of view, how many children should be in a family? My dads name is He is a (driver). You are going to travel to Britain as an exchange student. Out of these two, which one do you like the most?

I will choose to visit Great Britain because we have studied a lot about this country. Alongside the usual sports like swimming, hockey and cricket, bowling and tennis, you will find Dog Clubs and Flying Clubs.

They say that the place where you live reflects your character and personality. What programmers will you advise me to watch? I'm telling you, the thing you would most like to change about yourself is the most interesting part of you. Common sense will certainly help children to use the Internet safely.

Maybe it will also be interesting for you to visit the Stonehenge. I think people should stop deforestation and hunting rare animals. 5 They say that living in the city is better than living in the country.

Englishmen are famous for they love to discovering the pictureque countrysides. There are a lot of interesting places, for example National Library, different parks, museums, galleries, and.