New edition essential grammar in use

Rut n'u'umc: tlgtl ' n ma llgn (they / nish / thrir dinner) IIliIIlIIt'S ago (he / open / II) (at / stop /. Min 18 How long have you? N Ihcmry bcibn: but he dacsn't work were now: V V V Th bm, di,g in the countr. B: wou, go to had early and you 5 lts Bill: lnulidiy next Monday.

And gt 8 I want to he Emlous. 1.1.1 Frank gnrmarrlcd (2lYycars) 5 Dan afr1Vt'd (ran minutes) 6 We had lunch (an hour) 7 8 9 Complete the sentences with Inr or slnca. ( somebody has stolen it) 22!

Nn.4 Write questions with yet 1 Your Friend hi got.1 ncwjob. Do you go) 0 Ann isn't coming to the party next week.

A: I had a nice holiday. Think it will rain this allemooii. Say i think in / I don: think in when we decide to do somcthing: 0 Im tired. Ililnli I'll one at these verbs: buy go have play.t.1.1.oday.

I was/ were -ing is the pasr L'0Illitlll0S. L phone you tomorrow. ) (why / you / looking / at mic? In.985 we Wm living in cmdl 3 (It/ min).

Do not use the present simple (1 go / I phone. Q You can use I'll (I will) when you ujm or duidr to do sun-icthing: 0 My bag is very heavy. Is being done has been done. Wltrtt don Linda start hcr ntwjob?

I0 Sue is having a party tonight. A DoesLIsa know thatyou're goingawsy? Choose lrom: go to bed eiaaniaisahaas hfm llmu stop ruining close the door nail down 6 Cilllaie iiie seiiisiices Wlill zveid lrom iiib iisi.

8 Jim arrived yet? / for three dnys. (rwISue : ll'l'ivesaIwnys 3 (l' / P-" 'U"V " -" ' I y 5 ' 'k by C b' I 'u" l" I 5 'nyj.5 Write sentences about yourseli. She said that He told me that work/ working go/ going do/ doing to (1 want to do) and -ing (I enjoy doing) I want you to I told you to 1 wont to the shop to.

(no: I'll work) _ Y 0 1-i.o. ILlj I I5 Ihave done (pmseiitperfecl I) In Pvejus: Ive already Ihaven: yet (prmnrp.