Neither he nor she was or were

Last year I visited. He feels like going neither to England nor France. John didnt have neither the time nor the money to go on holiday. The wounded soldier could stand nor walk.

He blamed neither his wife nor his mother-in-law. Neither you nor I, nor anyone else knows the answer to this question.

Neither she nor her friend had to work all the day long. I trust neither the manager nor the accountant.

She drinks neither tea nor coffee.,., either. Neither the teacher nor the students are allowed to smoke here.

Hold on a while! Neither you nor I must miss lectures.

My uncle neither liked the way we spoke nor approved of the way we dressed. I was impressed neither with the book nor with the film. Is neither at home nor in the office.,., neither.

I invited two friends, but neither Liz nor Jane could come to the party. Granny promised me a nice dessert. She was neither at home nor at work.

Both his friends and his sister live in Wales. Last year I visited both London and Si Petersburg.