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In 2001, the traditional vaulting horse was replaced with a new apparatus, sometimes known as a tongue, horse, or vaulting table. The event requires balance, flexibility, grace, poise, and strength. 19 20 The FIG is planning to run World Cup competitions from 2018 onwards and will hold the first Parkour World Championships in 2020.

View animated story of the mascots on the, london 2012 website, london 2012 organisers have unveiled cartoon animations named, wenlock and, mandeville as the mascots for the, olympic and, paralympic. Some competitions restart the score from zero for the finals, other add the final score to the preliminary results.

The gymnast must use both hands and work on the whole floor area while showing continuous flowing movement. Leonard, Fred Eugene (1923). 9 Early 20th-century gymnastics in Stockholm, Sweden The Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) was founded in Liege in 1881.

Execution Judges give a score out.00 for technical performance (how well the skills are executed which is then doubled to emphasize its importance. Archived from the original (PDF). From 1974 to 1998 it was included as an event for both genders at the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships.

The event featured the artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline disciplines.

In ancient Greece, physical fitness was a highly valued attribute in both men and women. Stick gymnastics has been taught and performed for many years with the aim of improving physical strength and health. Groups do not use any apparatus. Eight sports are governed by the FIG, which include Gymnastics for All, Men's and Womens Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline (including Double Mini-trampoline Tumbling, acrobatic, aerobic and Parkour.

Male athletes are judged on some of the same physical abilities and skills as their female counterparts, such as hand/body-eye co-ordination, but tumbling, strength, power, and martial arts skills are the main focus, as opposed to flexibility and dance in women's rhythmic gymnastics. Germans Charles Beck and Charles Follen and American John Neal brought the first wave of gymnastics to the United States in the 1820s. Archived from the original. Gymnasts can achieve this by increasing hip, knee and ankle amplitude.

In May 2012, the best student athletes will be given the chance to test out the Olympic Stadium in Stratford when the British Universities and Colleges Sport Championships are held at the centrepiece venue. TeamGym events consist of three sections: women, men and mixed teams.

The events consist of: Stick Clubs Rope Double Rings Group TeamGym edit Main article: TeamGym TeamGym is a form of competition created by the European Union of Gymnastics, named originally EuroTeam. Kicking the legs in a kind of "tride was normally permitted.

"WAG Code of Points 20092012". The German Friedrich Ludwig Jahn started the German gymnastics movement in 1811 which lead to the invention of the parallel bars, rings, high bar, the pommel horse and the vault horse. Routines end when the gymnast performs a dismount, either by swinging his body over the horse or landing after a handstand variation. "Upper Extremity Injuries in Gymnasts".

Pommel horse edit Main article: Pommel Horse A typical pommel horse exercise involves both single leg and double leg work. The gymnast's difficulty score is based on what elements they perform and is subject to change if they do not perform or complete all the skills, or they do not connect a skill meant to be connected to another.