Is already in use on this server

The server socket is the IP/TCP port of the service the client is connecting to (SQL Server for example). Besides, support for MS Access 2019 and earlier versions Windows 10 and earlier versions provides better accessibility. You can check it with netsh int ipv4 show dynamicportrange tcp.if you happen to have a client (think Windows OS system services) that starts before SQL Server does, it could use TCP/1433 for its client socket. Sort the list as desired.

I personally like to sort by username. In such a situation, all that you can wish is to do away with the database is already in use error as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there is a way to kick the user out of the file remotely. File in, use filename is locked for editing by username. To use it, simply Select, Repair and Save the Access database file.

The MS Jet database engine does not create the locking information file (LDB in Access 2003 and in earlier Access versions and laccdb in MS Access 20 versions, which is essential for multiple users to open the database. Select OK Expand the list of Open Files.

Because netstat doesn't indicate that anything is listening on port 1433, that leaves the possibility that a client is already using port 1433 when, sQL tries to start. If your answer is, yes go through this blog to know the preventive measure you can take and the, manual and software approaches to fix the error. All that is needed is to run the following with an Administrative Command Prompt: netsh int ipv4 add excludedportrange tcp startport1433 numberofports1 storepersistent After that setting is made, the OS will not give any clients that port.

There's another feature within the OS that allows you to tell the OS the TCP ports in the Dynamic Port Range that should be excluded. The new user who wants to edit the file now will be able to exit Excel, then re-open the file to edit. Netsh int ipv6 show dynamicportrange tcp netsh int ipv6 add excludedportrange tcp startport1433 numberofports1 storepersistent.

Find the file in the list, then right-click the file and choose Close Open File. SQL, database 31 votes, apologies for the delay in responding here. The message that appears will say.

In the view section, select Open Files. Preventive Measure for Access database already in use error Make sure that all users opening the database have all three rights that are read, write and create for the folder where the database is present. After repairing and before saving, you have the option to preview the recoverable data of Access application. Filed Under: Office, Windows Tagged With: Excel 2016.