What interests you in this company

Prepare in advance so that you are ready to respond confidently and wholeheartedly when they ask, "What interests you about this position?" Sample Correct Answer Now let's cover good ways to answer this interview question. Did you do any planning?

With my experience in optimising site designs, site structures and page speed, I believe I can combine my critical thinking and technical knowledge to create a powerful SEO strategy for your mobile site with the latest SEO trends in mind. If the company offers a great product that has changed your life in some way, mention that. As soon as the recruiter asks you, "What interests you about this position?" a dozen responses probably come to your mind. First, keep in mind that an internship is a two-way street.

End your answer with a question A great interview tip thatll help you stand out among other candidates is to end your answer with a question. Yes, there are tasks, and probably a bigger project or two, that your employer wants you to complete over the course of your time working there.

Have you ever been asked the interview question, What interests you most about this position? Now, its time to remind the interviewer how hiring you can benefit them. Maybe you would love to spend your days talking with people, and customer service management gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Similarly, think about the "why" behind what you will spend your workday on. I also think my past experience in writing for magazines would help me contribute greatly to this position. You certainly dont want to mention the salary, holidays, or the shorter commute. Because the issue was addressed thoughtfully and without outright blaming or shaming the person, she was able to learn that they had too much on their plate and the work needed to be redistributed so their workload felt less overwhelming.

How To Answer Why Are You Interested In Our

List your skills Other than researching the company, you should also make sure to outline your skills and goals and how these can apply to the job role required. It goes without saying that you're looking for a job for income, so you don't need to add this obvious piece of information.

As you prepare your answer to this interview question, make sure to gear it in response to the above concerns and questions. This will not only clarify any uncertainties you have, but it will also give your interviewer a good impression. Don't focus on the perks that the company offers. Here are a few great questions you can ask, depending on what youre looking to get out of the conversation and who youre speaking with: Whats your career path been so far thats led you here, and what made you stay at this company?

Why are you interested in our company? you can also answer by explaining how the position fits in with your career goals. Many other companies I have interviewed at for sales manager positions are too hands-off. Question by asking you specifically why you are interested.

This can be a difficult question to answer on the spot. They also want someone whos willing to develop a new skill or take on a new assignment for the good of the team. I created shared Google Sheets to stay organized and delegate tasks to other volunteers.

Perhaps the technology being researched by this business can improve people's quality of life and you want to be a part of that. But the company also wants to provide you with an incredible learning opportunity.

They also want a candidate who has clear career goals and an interest and understanding of the company and job role in question. I dont think that was his fault. However, this question can sometimes be asked as a standard part of the entry level interview slate, so its not always a final indicator. Think about what you will be spending your days doing, and if that thought gives you a thrill, mention it during your job interview.