Crosswords for learning english

Teachers can use this crossword to explain the diverse food types, their tastes and help them distinguish between main meals and deserts. Adult Communicative Lesson plans : Help adults practice grammar vocabulary using communicative exercises Holiday/Festivals Worksheets : Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day,. The pictures will be numbered and they have to just enter the answer in the particular number in a crossword. Kids can have a look at the picture of the actions performed and fill up the related sentence to answer the puzzle.

The pictures of the different types of clothes are given as clues and kids can figure out its spelling to answer the puzzle. Fruit Puzzles Fruits are the delicious and healthy foods one should include in their diet and kids can use this fun puzzle to learn to identify them easily. Finally, they have to find out the word from the puzzle. You will also find worksheet ebooks, audio books, and self-grading quizzes to download.

Christmas Puzzles This is a simple but fun-filled crossword puzzle which helps teachers to introduce the festival of Christmas. (US English) Medium Puzzle Feb 11 21 2 Alphabet Adventures-W (3) Continuing the series, this time every answer contains a letter 'W' Small Puzzle Feb 11 21 3 Topic Blender #96 Mix some FT categories together and they come out here.

(365) Another wide range of general knowledge clues. Guess The Months Knowing all the months of a year and learning its spelling is important for a primary school kid. The particular puzzle includes 18 of the most commonly discussed baby names including a bunny, calf, duckling, eaglet, chick, cub, fawn, hatchling, foal, gosling and more. Crossword puzzles are a great addition for regular classroom exercise for primary school kids.

ESL Fun Games and Activities for the classroom. Bathroom Crossword This is an interesting crossword puzzle that includes practice words of the common stuffs we see in a bathroom. Main, crossword, topics: 6,762 crosswords online! The puzzle comes with illustrations about kitchenware items which are numbered and kids can have a look at it to answer the corresponding crossword.

Zero lesson planning time here. Shape Names Understanding different shapes in and around us is one of the key areas to be taught to primary school kids.

US English unless otherwise noted. Get yourself a big cup of coffee. Kids have to look at the animal names and answer its baby names in the corresponding column in the puzzle. Pictures of animals are given as clues and they are connected to their corresponding numbers in puzzles using pointers.

Bedroom Crossword This is an excellent crossword puzzle for English learner beginners to improve their vocabulary of stuffs you find in a bedroom. English) Large Puzzle Jan General Mayhem Vol 1 This is a generic crossword with no theme. This is one of the best ways to spark interest among kids in reading and writing. Kids have to look at the particular food and answer it in the corresponding number in the crossword.

Weather Crossword Teachers can use this chilling puzzle to educate kids about the types of weather they see around throughout the year. Small Puzzle Feb 10 21 6 Challenge Crossword 1 A team-mate challenged me to meet or exceed the criteria of his own latest crossword. The clues are given as complete the sentence formats and kids can go through the pictures to fill it and answer the puzzles.

(361) Another wide range of general knowledge clues for you. Kids can learn about the spelling of our body parts by answering the puzzle. Tchen Crossword This is a really useful crossword puzzle for kids that helps kids to have awareness about the stuff you can find in a kitchen. Small Puzzle Feb 10 21 4 General Mayhem Vol 4 This is a generic crossword with no theme.