Present perfect tense already

I have already eaten meat, I am not hungry. I havent finished to translate this text yet. Ive already thanked him for books.

I have seen him three times this week. I already heard this news (AmE).

I cant open the door. She has written 10 pages of the letter as she was supposed.

This page focuses on the meaning and use of these words when they are used with the present perfect. I haven't finished it yet. Ive seen this film yet. We use it to emphasise that we expect something to happen soon.

Example Sentences; Ive already seen that film.

Yet comes at the end of the sentence or question. We met quite recently. Try this exercise to test your grammar. They have lived in Erevan.

I have already thanked him for books. What is the news today?

Opened the window when the phone rang. I have recently begun studying Russian, I can hardly understand it.

Look at these examples to see how just, yet, still and already are used. When did you visit your Mummy last time? Ann hasnt had a holiday this year yet.

He has not graduated from Dallas University yet. I have seen this film yet.

Have you finished your homework yet? We have watched this film twice this week.