I rich man needs a poor man has

After a long time, I found Mr Sheths house. He gave me an envelope.

What are we going to do? This is the best camera in Darpur.

I like to help people. The official was a little angry. The bus takes three hours.

A rich man needs time they are always short of time to make money or make shit, as one answer says a poor man has time ( they have miserably plenty of time to deal with by having.

I came here on Tuesday. I need a song, but the spring is for sowing A word to the wise that the earth must provide.

Mr Sheth went out of the room. My son sent it from a foreign country. And I told Martha everything. Finally it was my turn; I was at the front of the queue.

I do not often go to Darpur. Yes, I know, said Mr Sheth. Tomorrow I am going to Darpur again, I said.

Fill in this application form, the official said. I was still very tired. I asked for an Identity Card. Martha, Martha, I caalled to my wife.

Martha came out and looked at the letter. Anonymous 1 decade ago Nothing! Your Identity Card describes you. What are you talking about?