Traditions and values of my family

Why Family Culture is Important Years ago Nurture Shock shared an interesting fact about sibling rivalry it isnt how often your children fight that determines the quality of their relationship, but how often they have fun and meaningful moments together. Put food outside when you see a stray cat or dog. The dust-ups that dot other days dont disappear; theyre just overshadowed. You can volunteer with a religious organization, or you can help out at your local food pantry or animal shelter.

Where are some regular places you go? They can take out the garbage, feed the dog, clean the litterbox, vacuum the floors or help put away food from a weekly shopping excursion.

For example, a child wants to have a playdate on Sunday morning, but is told that he cannot because the family goes to church services every Sunday morning. What do you do on the weekends?

It is a great tradition to gather at one table to talk.

Will all the time we spent together add up to magical memories or will they move out and move on? Also, its not what school you send them to or how many sports you enroll them. Our family history is our past and our values have been conveyed from parents to children, generation after generation.

This seeps into the elderly people the kids will interact in their everyday life. Individual happiness and success is not as important as reflecting your God's purpose.

Does your family love to watch and play sports? Grandparents may actually live with the family due to financial struggles. When you see a homeless person, hand them. Mama Rhodes is a health enthusiast and grows a garden in their backyard which the kids help keep.

The entire family unites its efforts to help the family member in trouble. This type of family culture includes a hands-off strategy to parenting and relationships where the belief is that whatever will be, will. If you often stop by the store for a lollipop after church, why not call it a tradition? His wartime stories were particularly interesting for me because he participated in World War II and that was really hard time for our family.