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Download The Unconventional Diplomat: Breaking The Rules mp3 file: runs 00:54:08 Here Comes Trouble: How to worry sensibly in the 21st Century Three expert analysts, each from a different discipline, reveal their greatest fears for the near-ish. Download An Evening with Chickens mp3 file: runs 00:54:09 Cowboy's Lament, Part Two Since the early 1900s cowboy fiction and films have played a major role in shaping popular notions of the American West. Download A Baldwin Revival: In Good Times and In Bad mp3 file: runs 00:54:08 Everything at Once Out of synch?

Mp3 file: runs 00:54:09 Lessons of Doris Lessing, Part Two Writer Doris Lessing grew up in white Southern Rhodesia where she became an astute observer of the ways ordinary people learn to cling to extreme beliefs. Download In Defence of Domestic Workers: Adelle Blackett mp3 file: runs 00:54:08 The Story of Rice Half the people on the planet eat it once a day. Cundill Prize-winning historian Camilla Townsend turned to annals kept by the Aztecs themselves to reveal a history of a vibrant, sophisticated people who valued hard word, perseverance, who were master storytellers and loved a good joke and who 500 years ago had outdoor food courts! For more than 5,000 years, Indigenous peoples of the plains used this site to kill buffalo.

Committed Christian and author Jemar Tisby was joined by historians of religion John Fea and Molly Worthen to help answer the question: what exactly is the relationship between conservative evangelicalism and America today? Originally published on November 12, 2019.

The Haitian-American writer is fond of dark explorations, but her work can also be funny and erotic. On The Enright Files, a conversation inspired by books from the past to help explain these unsettling times.

Christmas is a minefield of deep philosophical quandaries, like is it ethically correct to lie to children? Lovecraft died in 1937. Originally aired on June 11, 2020.

First step: we need to wake up to this very real possibility and danger. Download The Flip Side of History: the Aztecs through their own words mp3 file: runs 00:54:08 Ursula Franklin Massey Lecture #1 Revisiting the 1989 Massey Lectures of physicist and humanitarian Ursula Franklin. Download Northrop Frye: Return to the Educated Imagination (Pt 1) mp3 file: runs 00:54:09 Myths on Screen: Hollywood at War, Part 3 Warning: Explicit Content As the Twin Towers lay in rubble after Sept.

Download Olive Senior delivers prestigious 2019 Margaret Laurence Lecture: A Writer's Life mp3 file: runs 00:54:09 Myths on Screen: Hollywood at War, Part 2 Warning: Explicit Content America's losing the Vietnam War shattered the 'heroic myth' that Hollywood had spent. I filed a motion for compassionate release june 28, 2019, after the BOP blinded ME after a botched cartaract. Download Accepting refugees isn't a gift it's a human right: Michael Ignatieff mp3 file: runs 00:54:08 Imagining the World: Darwin and the Idea of Evolution Darwin's ideas about evolution shifted the way we think about the place of humans. From the fall of the Wall to this pandemic era, looking at the legacy of an ill-fitting politics of imitation, with 2020 Gelber Prize-winners Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes.

Download The Death of Leisure mp3 file: runs 00:54:09 Ideas from the Trenches: Incarcerated Womens Resilience PhD student Rachel Fayter was incarcerated for more than three years. From the threat of conflict between great powers, to the "war" for net-zero carbon emissions, to introducing a new global authority that can exercise authority over individual nations. Download Take it like a Stoic: coping in the time of coronavirus mp3 file: runs 00:54:08 CBC Massey Lecture # 3: A Holy Paradox Fredericton Most religions try to explain what the universe means and why were here. join NOW becomember disclaimer m/membership-plans/ m).

Download Meet the winners of the 2020 Canada Council Killam Prizes mp3 file: runs 00:54:09 The Democracy of Suffering: Todd Dufresne Were all in this together, suffering equally, as the planet struggles through the Anthropocene age an era created by human activity. Looking back, what can we learn from those experiments in human collaboration? In this three part-documentary series about the legendary musician, hear from family members, musicians and others who worked with him, as well as excerpts from a CBC interview with Zappa, recorded the year before his death. In the third instalment of the Massey Lectures, Ron Deibert exposes how social media platforms are engineered to be "addiction machines." Download CBC Massey Lecture # 3: Toxic Addiction Machines mp3 file: runs 00:54:09 CBC Massey.

Download CBC Massey Lecture # 5: Shifting Power Toronto mp3 file: runs 00:54:08 The Brilliance of Beavers: Learning from an Anishnaabe World Renowned Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg scholar and artist, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson talks about the philosophy and ethics that undergird. Wilson slide it under his wrinkled old butt and SIT ON IT, illegally for 8 months!

But the right is dominant in politics, where real power is exercised. Historian Anne Harrington and writer Marya Hornbacher explore psychiatrys messy medical past and surprisingly uncertain present.