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Figures in head-to-toe PPE are methodically going about their business without complaint and with compassion , hour after hour, to keep people alive. It haunts a lot of us who are refugees from, vietnam, what our lives couldve been, and so I think that sense saturates my fiction and my nonfiction. Becky Lennon, a 37-year-old staff nurse on critical care, has reached the end of the line.

To lose both your parents at the same time, its heartbreaking. Chris is a methodical, hardworking young man. On the count of three, turn to the right, well done, now five inches to the north, thank you.

Bdsm 06/15/19 Snow Day (4.42) A Snow Day roll in the hay reveals an already present love. Personally I just keep going. If there are any areas of their lungs that arent inflated properly we work on that, using manual techniques which we usually use on patients with cystic fibrosis.

Specialist critical care physiotherapist Alison Gordon works tirelessly on her patient, assisting with the clearance of mucus from the lungs by performing vibrations on his chest. It is an eerie characteristic of hospital wards that they seem calm and controlled, even in a crisis. It was so difficult because we couldnt do anything for him to help him feel better.

And those numbers can be very frightening. That is not to say that the Covid-19 wards are frenzied or chaotic. I remember one couple who came in, in their 70s or 80s, and then a few days later their son came in, too.

When you hear them say I cant breathe, you are calm. Ive been blown away by how our team has come together, the morale is amazing, considering the circumstances.

The first 24-48 hours are crucial in deciding what level of care someone needs. Staff attend to patient Felix Mboko-Nemak It takes a team of seven people to turn a patient with precise, safe motions onto their stomach so they are lying face down. Mature 04/07/18 Punishment (4.28) Felicity does as she's told, no matter what.

Her young friendly face still bears the marks of the tight, hot PPE. Capable, intelligent and dedicated, she has just handed in her resignation. Dr Ben Lovell being helped into PPE before entering the secure part of the acute medicine unit.