Matte boxes for video cameras

Konova today posted up their slimmed down version of such a rig (above). Handheld / Tripod / All Productions The UMB-1 Universal Mattebox is designed for all levels of shooting, and has much more versatility than the Zip Box and Zip Box Pro.

Video and Photo Equipment Rental Advantages If you need to use something one time, you can keep money in your wallet by renting the item at an affordable rate rather that purchasing it at full price. Lens Metal Threaded Step Up Filter Rings Posted in DIY Equipment, Lens Talk, matte box. This guide shows you: What a matte box is, Why a matte box is what it is, The different types of matte boxes, What to look for in a good matte box, and, some options.

Beware: Nuns knickers cant be used in lens mounted mode, unless you want a droopy matte box. As light-weight as possible. Instead of the massive bracket on one side, the Fotga uses a very low profile swing away that sits just above the rod clamp for faster lens changes.

Carefully selected products, our experts carefully select and verify the offered products. The BorrowLenses Advantage At BorrowLenses, you can rent all manner of matte boxes and other accessory gear at outstanding rates. All three have various sizes based on your outside lens diameter.

Matte boxes can really come in handy for blocking harsh lights from hitting your lens, especially when youre shooting under direct sunlight. This is what a matte box looks like: Image Courtesy: Reinis Traidas reinn / Silverstar99. Product description states All metal construction, Folding french flags and adjustable side wings; Flattened shade for wide angle lenses, Fits industry standard 15mm supporting rods, Two 360-degree rotating filter trays support 4x5.65" filters, and Swing-away design to provide easy access to lenses.

For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our, cookies or, privacy, policy page. Baseplate, rig for dslr Camera 5D Mark III, VI, 6D Mark VI, 7D,. Check it out at m (click here).

On higher end Matte Boxes you will at least find a quick release clamp system or even swing away arm to make lens changes easier. From filters to French flags to rod clamps, theres a lot to consider. 'RJ Follow Focus', here's a new Matte Box in their product lineup. Matte Box Dual 4x4 Filter Tray Flags 15mm Clamp Posted in dslr rig, matte box.

To avoid this second problem, some kits come with adapter rings for various lens diameters. Matte boxes are heavy. Lets start with your camera setup.

Together, the four flaps can also be called barn doors. Rail or rod support bracket.

The dual stage Matte box with full Flags comes with two fully rotatable (360 degree) filter trays to support Grads or CPL filters. One of the reasons matte boxes are big and heavy is that they have to hold a large piece of glass, sometimes in front of a wide angle lens. Round mounted Matte Boxes A rod mounted matte box is one that rests on rods and not on the lens. They are also the most expensive kinds of matte boxes.