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Really good song that perfectly expresses hate I listen to it to release stress 17 Break My Mind This song perfectly sets the mood for fnaf 4 and the vocals flawlessly fit the Nightmare Animatronics' aggressive nature. Stuck in my own paradox.

The only part I like is when she says they're trying to fix her everyday. Really well made, catchy, has a good beat, and sums up Sister Location all too well.

It's the perfect song for that honestly I've never liked this song. The melody is catchy, and the mood intensifies as the song progresses before slowing briefly to hear the crying child's solo. It's funny that Foxy is the most "noticed" character in the fanbase.

I just love the story (by the way you play as him in Sister Location For whoever said that you play as William in Sister location you play as Michael in Sister location. They should make one all about chica! You've thought this at one point or another if you've every played the FNaF franchise.

3 Just Gold - Mandopony I Love Fnaf and Fnaf everything."You are the main attraction, your story must be told, you are a chain reaction, that never gets old, some bots are get satisfaction, breaking the mold, some bots distractions. Bonnie's one of the best characters from the series and this song dedicated to him is beyond good! Shadow Bonnie Song.

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Some bots are just distractions, some bots are just gold! Also, I think this is from bonnies point of view. Still love it, though! It will leave you singing it non stop when you fall asleep lmao This song is awesome, just like all of the other songs by the living tombstone.

13 Stay Calm - Griffinilla Hey kids nice to eatcha are you ready for some Fazbear pizza? But the future keeps luring in like a pack of snakes.

I miss 2014 and The Living Tombstone. They tell stories, they are sung by wonderful singers.

I really wanna choreograph a dance to this and make a music video. Wonderland new and improved without the ere's No Escape but then who would want to leave it's a fantastic paradise and it's not make believe I'm so glad to have another member of the band. (Noticed freddy has a small band.) I love the front part.

You are a chain reaction, that never gets old. I just voted this one so I could post my comment, really.

This is, by far, one of the best FNaF songs there. Lol this and left behind are my fave fnaf songs ever! Still a great listen. Such a bittersweet d MandoPony's voice is so fitting is definitely deserves to be among the top ten fnaf songs.

Shall I go on? You are the main attraction, you're story must be told. It's one of those songs with a peppy tune, but heartbreaking lyrics. One of the most iconic FNaF songs there.