The gates of hell in turkmenistan

50m deep crater We decided to camp out at the crater, obviously this decision was made before I knew an army of giant spiders inhabited the warm sands around the crater. You should actually go to the site named Darvaza Gas Crater, which is 5 mi (8 km) further. I slowly backed away and shined the light at the same angle across the landscape. We boiled water in the morning for coffee and were on the road again by 9am.

The countrys government hopes itll become a tourist site, and the nearby desert has already become a popular place to wild camp. If you want a tourist visa (which lasts up to three weeks you need to buy it from a local travel agency. To qualify for the transit visa, you will need to show that you are en route from one country to another (ie. Getting your hands on that elusive visa Even if you dont have a letter of invitation for Turkmenistan, you may be eligible for a transit visa, which will give you three to five days to explore the country.

All around me pairs of little green lights blinked like lightening bugs and panic rose in my whole body as my arms, thinking on their own, attempted to fly me out of there. Does this place really look like the Gates of Hell to you?

It took us about.5 hours (around 7km) to reach the gas crater. You will need a GPS to travel the 5 mi (8 km) from the now-abandoned Darvaza village to the crater. When visiting Turkmenistan on a tourist visa, you must be accompanied by a certified local guide at all times.

Apparently during summer, you could camp overnight in a tent near the crater, which we think would be quite an interesting experience! The electricity got cut off in the middle of the night which also meant that we had no heater (as it was an electric heater) to keep us warm! Testking m pass4sure m certkiller m realtests m/ testkingworld p camping Central Asia crater dancing around fire Darvaza Gates of Hell giant spiders Ground Travel natural gas Silk Road travel Turkmenistan Previous PostCentral Asian Money Habits Next PostSwimming with Snakes Related articles.

S How to get here We took a taxi from the border after crossing over to Turkmenistan from Uzbekistan. All attempts to find a boiling miniature mud crater in the vicinity were in vain.

If you prefer not to walk, you could also hire a jeep which will cost around 50USD or more. The Soviet drilling rig is believed to still be down there somewhere, on the other side of the Gates of Hell.

We set up our tent, started a fire of our own, and cooked a simple meal while drinking beer from the cooler. During the initial phases of the search, the drilling rig set to measure the quantity of oil was suddenly swallowed after the ground under it collapsed into a gas pocket. All attempts to identify the rock online proved futile, though Im no geologist. The Gates of Hell crater was created in 1971 when a Soviet drilling rig accidentally punched into a massive underground natural gas cavern, causing the ground to collapse and the entire drilling rig to fall.

Locals say that someone was drilling for natural gas in the desert when the drill hit an air pocket and the friction of the metal piping exploding at massive speed out of a rock hole caused a spark. In fact, it was not some religious fanatic who dug out the fiery pit but a group of Russian workers searching for oil back in the 70s (now they know its gas, not oil, that keeps the eternal flame burning). Share with us your thoughts by commenting below!

Darvaza has been burning since 1971, yet still no demons have ever emerged from its fiery maw. At one point there was a thick cable circling the crater to keep curious travelers at a safe distance, but the heat of the eternal flame managed to snap the cable, melting sections of it into piles of ruble.

There were quite a few chaikhanas along the main road and they should be more or less the same. I ended up with two flashlights, one scanning the distance for green gems to avoid, the other aimed at my toes so that if one came near my I could scream my farewells as my heart stopped.