Chinese anti aircraft missile

For parts of the PLA developed propelled version of the complex on a car chassis, for the Air Force - Trailing option, which is used for defense airfields and infrastructure facilities (see photo 1, photo 2). The missile is equipped with a radio command guidance system used for tracking radar and electro-optical system. FM-90N SAM is part of arms and frigates Bangobondhu Osman Bangladesh Navy and frigates of Project F-22P Pakistan Navy.

Beijing claims almost all of the vast, south, china, sea as its sovereign territory and has stepped-up efforts to assert its dominance over the resource-rich waters in recent years, transforming a string of obscure reefs and atolls into heavily fortified. China has also worked hard to independently perfect the anti-ship ballistic missile, with the medium-range DF-21D and a version of the intermediate-range DF-26 becoming one of some of the most potent anti-access threats to American Carrier Strike Groups operating in the Indo-Pacific Theater. Performance HQ-7 (FM-80) HQ-7B (FM-90) The affected area range, m: - When the target speed 400 m / s - When the target speed 300m / c - Medlennoletyaschie target (helicopter type) The affected area height, m detection zone. Scott Conn, commander of the US Navy's Third Fleet, talked up the US naval presence in the region and its ability to respond to Chinese threats.

Displayed a complex capable of up to 30 targets and track 12 targets simultaneously. Composition Judging by the published information on the design and operational capabilities first versions SAM HQ-7 is almost completely identical to the prototype. The contractor's network was not deemed classified but the information on it in its totality was of a highly classified nature according to the Washington Post, which broke the story. This would allow for more vulnerable assets, like E-2D Hawkeyes, MQ-4C Tritons, P-8 Poseidons, and powerful radar-packing surface combatants to stand off at long ranges, using their sensor's great reachoutside the range of their own or nearby weaponsto their.

Rocket engine used in advanced solid fuel charge, provide a significant increase in range, upgraded fuse and equipment management system (see photo 1, photo 2). In the first set of options open shop located directly behind the launcher (see photo) and reloading was carried out in semi-automatic mode. Pulse-Doppler radar detection of E / F is able to detect low-flying range targets at a range from.2.4km.

Each fire battery includes command and control point and three combat vehicles. Identifying the mystery weapon This weapon could be one of a number of concepts we identify below. Instrumental detection range - 25km. The plaaf already uses the two-seater J-16, another variant of the Su-27, for sead missions, and two-seater aircraft have often been used for the sead role, including the F-100F, F-105F/G, Tornado ECR and Su-24M.

The first air defense missile systems were delivered to China from the ussr at the end of the 1950s.

HQ-7 (HongQi-7 hongqi-7 red, flag-7 "export designation, fM-80) is designed to destroy targets flying at low and extremely low altitudes. In a combat situation launcher hung on three hydraulic jacks, two of which are located behind the front wheels - one in the rear of the machine. Beijing announced new exercises are set to begin in the Yellow Sea on Saturday and stretch through next Thursday.

Antiaircraft missile FM-90 (HQ-7B) Upgraded version of the complex FM-90 (HQ-7B) placed in an armored car chassis AFV terrain 6x6 Chinese production (see photo 1, photo 2, photo 3). The radar can detect up to 30 targets with the release of 12 of the most dangerous of them for automatic tracking. But there is no existing supersonic anti-ship cruise missile in America's inventory. Over half a terabyte of information was stolen electronically from the contractor's computer systems at Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Rhode Island.

The loss of the Navy's current electronic warfare library is especially troubling as that type of information is considered among the most sensitive data the Pentagon gathers and is critical to countering enemy defensive networks and allowing.S. Information processing unit is made on large scale integrated circuits (706 developed by the Institute). Chinese export-import corporation cnpmiec (China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation) introduced an improved version of the complex, designated FM-90 (HQ-7B). These same cells currently used for Tomahawk cruise missiles could be configured to house an altered SM-6-booster combination capable of launching the missile submerged without destroying the launch cell.

A statement from US Pacific Air Forces to CNN confirmed a U-2 flight - but said it did not violate any rules. In its latest form, it is fully networked, allowing it to receive targeting data from a variety of platforms, including airborne, ground-based, or surface-based sensor nodes. The missiles impacted in the northern reaches of the South China Sea between Hainan Island and the Paracel Islands, known as the Xisha Islands in China, the official said. Year development: 1988, mobile all-weather air defense missile system melee.