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Do you want to get on top of your retirement plans? In this song Yorke heaps scorn on desperate wannabes who seek validation via rock stardom).

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Linkin Park Minutes to midnight What I've done.

YouTube5:35,2:35:54,2:02:09,25:32,3:02,2:19:20,2:01:41. So let mercy come, and wash away, what, i've done, i'll face myself, to cross out what, i've become. In this farewell, there's no blood, there's no alibi, cause, i've drawn regret, from the truth, of a thousand lies.

YouTube3:59,3:22,20:57,2:10:51,2:05:21,4:01,. YouTube3:08:41,2:40:19,2:06:43,3:43,3:22,3:26,4:12. I start again And whatever pain may come Today this ends I'm forgiving what I've done!

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