Life is never what you expect

I did do a bit of experimentation yesterday, though. There are sustainable off-grid communities out there, to be sure, but something in me balks at trying to join oneat least in North America.

A few weeks ago a local family was giving away free corn and zucchini at a table by the road, so Electron and I stopped and loaded. Were all born to trust people and expect that they will behave in the exact same way that.

And so the corn sat. No one is a mind reader and I never expect them. But I couldnt have fitted 56 ears of corn into our refrigerators freezer even if there was nothing else in there, whereas the truth is that our freezer is valuable real estate. The older Ive gotten, the more Ive realized what I can and cant assume that people will.

At least this time its highway driving instead of navigating through congested city traffic. I have been eyeballing the enormous zucchinis ever since, trying to figure out what to do with them.

It was tasty, actually, and the zucchini was older so had less moisture than the much smaller squash you buy in stores, meaning it didnt turn to mush when cooked. I ended up concluding that I would better off if the Amish had such a thing as a year-long retreat, where I could follow their lifestyle strictly, knowing that after a year I could return to blue jeans and electricity. All I expect is for you to love me so much you kill yourself just to get my attention.

I did put some kernels into a hamburger casserole, along with tomatoes and peppers and rice, and they were good, but you can only eat that so many times. Many years ago, I made a shishkebab that had zucchini chunks on it, and through sheer luck I got the zucchini to caramelize under the broiler. We could be eating and preserving the best food of our lives. But I dont want a job, darn it I want a farm!

Then the pyramid of cleaned corn on the kitchen counter sat. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. I will peel the rind off before cooking more and see how that turns out.

Clement Stone Never expect. Apologies if I sound a bit whiny. Yesterday I got out my chefs knife and simply made a start on one. Moving out here was a great idea and neither Electron nor I regrets.

But they have all the skills I want to learn, darn. And began to dry out, and mould a bit in places, and little bugs began to hatch. I cant even grow a garden at our current location, because coal trains go by and leave coal dust over everything. Maybe Electron and I can check out the nearby countryside for our dream home.