I'm sorry my friend is a little slow

A few/few people swim in the sea in the winter. I ain't got no business here, but since my friends are here, I just came to kick it, but really, i would rather be at home all by myself Not in this room With people who don't even care about.

I shoulda never come to this So holla at me, I'll be in the car when you're done I'm stand-offish, Don't want what you're offerin' And I'm done talkin awfully sad it had to be that way So tell. There are _ puddles on the road. Lets put on rubber boots. 'How's your father?' ' _ better, thanks.

(A very few / B a few / C  very little) There are _apples on the plate. Would you like _ more rice? Could we have _ champagne, please? The bottle was not empty.

I need to buy a few/few things for tonights party. I need a little/little Can you lend me some?

There were a few/few guests at the party. I want to eat _ Im hungry.

I'd like to drink _ coffee. We had _ snow last winter. There is _ traffic here. (A few / B a few / C  little) There is _ furniture in the house; its almost empty.

1 a few, 2 a little, 3 a few, 4 a few, 5 a little, 6 a little, 7 a little, 8 a few Exercise. There were _ taxis in front of the station. _ apples are enough for me not to feel hungry. I guess right now you've got the last laugh, i'm sorry if, i seem uninterested, or, i'm not listenin or, i'm indifferent, truly.

I've got questions to ask him. It's time to do my homework. Moscow Russia Dear Ben, Thanks a lot for your letter.

Oh-oh-oh here, oh-oh-oh here Oh I ask myself, what am I doin' here? At home, the kitchen was a pleasant place. Would you like _ water?

We saw _ people at the restaurant because the prices there were very high. There are_ hotels in this town. Can I have_ pepper, please?

Could you buy _ bottles of water for me? The children cant make a snowman. She doesnt feel lonely.

I really need to see him. This is a modern town. 1 a few, 2 a few, 3 a few, 4 a few, 5 a few, 6 a few, 7 a few Exercise. (A a few / B a little / C  little) Very _ pupils in our class can do such difficult sums.