Best wordpress catalog plugins

Here are some of the notable features of this plugin: You can display a featured image alongside every post as a thumbnail. Dozens more features are available with use of CataBlog ranging from shortcodes, import and export capabilities, options and settings page, and easy management with us of admin controls.

The key features of WC Catalog Enquiry include hiding of product price for all users or guests, responsive product inquiry form, customizable form fields, admin can allow product selling for selected product categories; other product categories will. Additional features include block toggle up-down, full-heigh blocks, content popup, content slider, and more.

For example, dresses, flowers, houses, eateries, services, and. There are different plugins made on WordPress for creating a product catalog within a website.

There is no doubt that quality is crucial, but a new customer will make his or her first purchase based on presentation. ECommerce Product Catalog This easy to use responsive product catalog plugin is a simple solution for ecommerce sites. Sensei also offers extensions to get more out of their plugin! Learnpress This WordPress plugin is made for ease of use.

Prices for the Sensei plugin range from 129-279. The pro version of this plugin adds additional features such as payment options and student notes. A lot of flexible shortcodes and extensions.

The plugin manages the catalog pretty well by updating multi-level categories, tags, and multiple product catalogs. Import or export your catalog via FTP as well ass customize your catalogs display.

You can enable Ajax which will allow the plugin to lazy load your posts one page after another. This plugin has a drag and drop function that makes it easy to create courses. Ajax powered buttons to search for products and to add them to your cart.

This plugin was developed simplistic in nature, making it easy to function at any experience level. If you already or want to sell to wholesalers check out these plugins.