One kilometer is equal to miles

Miles in 1 kilometer. In the conversion tables below, figures are rounded to a maximum of 5 decimal places (7 with smaller numbers) to give approximations.

There's just one problem here: How do you know if you should be dividing or multiplying by the conversion factor? TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) To convert from kilometers into miles, multiply the distance in kilometers.6214. General, science, more, related, questions.

An Example of Converting Kilometers to Miles Imagine that you're being asked to convert 5 kilometers into miles. Imagine that you're asked to convert 10 kilometers into miles, but you mistakenly divide by the conversion factor instead of multiplying. Text miles Once you do the multiplication, you'll have your answer: 5text kilometerstimes.62143.107 text miles If you've ever run or walked in a mid-distance race, this is probably a familiar number; 5k.1 miles is a very popular race distance. There are.609344 kilometers in 1 mile.

Team one kilometer is equal.62 mile. Use this calculator to convert kilometers (km) to miles (mi) and miles to kilometers. Which Way Do I Go?

Kilometers to, miles - km to mi conversion

If you go the other way, from kilometers to miles, you should end up with a smaller number. Because most other countries in the world use kilometers instead, knowing how to convert from kilometers to miles and then back again comes in handy when you travel. Join, the, discussion, comments ( 1 related, questions. 0.62, answer: Option, d Solution(By, examveda.

Try it out with.107 miles, which from the previous problem you know is equal to 5 kilometers: frac3.107text miles0.62145text kilometers So it checks out. Miles to, kilometers Conversion Table Miles Kilometers 1 mile.60934 kilometers 2 miles.21869 kilometers 3 miles.82803 kilometers 4 miles.43738 kilometers 5 miles.04672 kilometers 6 miles.65606 kilometers 7 miles.26541 kilometers 8 miles.87475 kilometers.

If you've double-checked your conversion factor and are sure you got it right, that means you should be multiplying instead. So if you multiplied.6214 to convert from kilometers to miles, you'll divide.6214 to convert from miles to kilometers. You can double-check by remembering which unit is larger or smaller than the other. Miles 30, kilometres.6411, miles 10000, kilometres 6213.71, miles 4, kilometres.4855, miles 40 Kilometres.850 Kilometres 15534.28 Miles 5 Kilometres.1069 Miles 50 Kilometres.060 Kilometres 31068.56 Miles 6 Kilometres.7282 Miles 100 Kilometres.1300 Kilometres 62137.12 Miles.

It's also a vital skill if you work in a science field where the metric system predominates, or if you participate in footraces, cycling races or competitive rowing, all sports in which distances are usually given in kilometers. So, if you're being asked to convert km to miles, you'd do this multiplication: factortextmiles The conversion factor for converting kilometers to miles.62137119, but for most purposes, being accurate to four decimal places is enough so usually you'll. If you live in the, united, states, the, united, kingdom or their territories, you're in one of the only countries that still uses miles as the standard measure for speed and distance. If you're not sure how many decimal places you must be accurate to, ask your teacher.

To convert from miles to kilometers, multiply your figure.609344 (or divide. The Km to Miles Formula Any time you're asked to convert from one unit of length to another, all you have to do is multiply the first unit by the appropriate conversion factor. Then you'd have: frac10text miles But you know miles are longer than kilometers, so your result should be smaller than what you started with, not bigger. 1, kilometres.6214, miles 10, kilometres.2137, miles 2500, kilometres 1553.43, miles.

(or divide.609344). Unless it's against the rules of a test, it's always better to double-check a conversion factor and be certain you're correct than to guess. This converter is part of the full length and distance converter tool.

That gives you: 10text kilometerstimes.6214.214text miles This time your result (in miles) is a smaller number than the kilometers you started with, which means you chose the right operation for your conversion. You already know how many kilometers you're being asked to convert, and you know the conversion factor; so all you have to do is fill them into the conversion formula: 5text kilometerstimes.6214?