Bad and good travel experience

A seedy area is a place that looks dirty, disorganized, and possibly dangerous. If the flight is overbooked, it means that the airline sold too many tickets, and there is not enough space on the plane for all the people who have purchased tickets. Or some that distract you and steal your purse.

Andrew: Good for you! I ended up with huge blisters after our walking tour of the city. I assure you that all these experiences will become part of your travel stories.

For men is easier (or almost) but for the little ladies like me, its a big problem. But when we spend almost all the time outside it can bother us more. But its still annoying that they want to charge us the double or more only because we are tourists. Ive heard of very strong scams like people who pass themselves off as inspectors on trains to intimidate you and ask for money.

When you must sleep, you are wide awake and when you must be awake you are very sleepy. They are the price to pay to enjoy another culture, food and different landscapes. And to see the Prague clock show, I almost had to climb on someones shoulders.

Best surprise was booking air travel from Houston to Nanning, China.

I bought a T-shirt, but it was a total rip-off. It is usually a place that has lots of positive publicity, but isnt very interesting in reality because the main goal is to get the tourists money. Andrew: Oh, poor thing! To Lisbon, there was no public transport running (more than taxis) and we could not check-in in the hotel yet.

Check out in museums and malls for clean toilets. Anyway, the important thing is that you're back safe and sound, and you had a good time. Imagine you are in an unknown city, where you usually spend all day outside, walking, drinking lots of water, and you urgently need to use the toilet? And prepare yourself psychologically to get used to the new time faster.

The truth is that I dont find comfort to sleep on trains or buses, so I usually dont sleep well if I travel at night. It's a shame you didn't come. After all, we are all in the same boat. Many times I arrived very early at my destination, 5 or 6 in the morning, so was not possible to check-in at the hotel.

Taking a picture of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre was an impossible mission. And the only one I took it did not even turn out well. Andrew: That's bad luck!

Isabelle: No, not at all. Sometimes you cant speak the language, the locals dont understand you, its awful. The people are very friendly and I loved Italian cuisine.

This means that some people will get bumped to a later flight they cant go on the flight at the original time, and have to wait for a different flight later. The weather Like diseases, the weather can be annoying not only when we travel.

The phrasal verb ended up is used to describe the final result of something. Every time you find one, even if you dont feel like. Lately, more and more people want to travel, we cant blame them, right? ) Bad experiences : got sunstroke in Greece, got seasick on the ferry on the way to Italy, got purse stolen In Barcelona while waiting for a bus ( :, ) 5a Read the dialogue.