Do it now what are you waiting for

I am still waiting to be told what happened. This is what I have been waiting for - the entry on the scene of the shadowy figure of whose presence I have been conscious all along.

He finishes explaining that, and I'm waiting for the big 300 pound paper proposal, and he said, That's what I want from you. He was waiting, somewhat sternly, for Winston to speak, but about what?

Well then, what are you waiting for? Verse 1, skin soft, loving in your eyes, that lip gloss, oh you're looking so fine, i wanna kiss you til the sunset rises, you want it too, i can tell you're all excited, oh baby howd you get in those jeans.

Once again he had disturbed her; she still had the epicrisis to write. You know you gotta give it your all And don't you be afraid if you fall You only live once so tell me What are you, what are you waiting for? What are you all dressed and waiting for?

Then what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for, the drilling season? She had the inhuman attribute of abandoning what she could not get and of waiting for what she could get. Their first album What Are You Waiting For?

Perry Mason reached the front door and stood there, waiting on the porch for what seemed to him to be two or three minutes before he heard Eva Belter's step and the click of the lock. Carrying people's suitcases and waiting around for a tip.

When I had recovered my composure, I crawled back to where Amelia was waiting, and in a hoarse whisper managed to relate what I had seen. What are you waiting for, my Caped Crusader? So what about that kid who doesn't have a nutritious breakfast waiting for him?

Mais qu'est-ce qu'il a cet homme, thought Stepan Trofimovitch, trembling and waiting in terror for what was in store for him. The only ways to test this, unfortunately, rely either on simulations (which have their own inherent flaws) or sitting around and waiting, and seeing what arises. The arrival of Chaly and the cards had distracted him, but of course the newspapers were what he was really waiting for. What we did not know is two other perps were waiting in a parked car.

For a dizzy moment she thought what childbearing meant, the nausea that tore her, the tedious waiting, the thickening of her figure, the hours of pain. To turn over a spraying schedule so we can figure out what areas were targeting then.