White high top converse all stars

Get what you love for less. When wearing these northwards-creeping sneaks with shorts work to the rule of opposites: if you shorts are dark choose light Converse and vice versa. Topman With Sportswear Theres no doubt that were in peak sportswear territory which means trainers and tracksuits have toppled suits and smart shoes as the de facto menswear uniform. When these rugged leg coverers are worn with Converse high tops, its hard to understand why so many men are still wedded to their skin-tight black skinnies and minimal white sneakers.

White, men's, high, top, savings are here! The narrow shape of high tops doesnt play nice with acres of fabric either, so steer towards fitted styles to keep a sense of balance.

A T-shirt, lightweight knit or grandad collar shirt are the safest styling options to go for. The Idle Man With White Denim White jeans are about as temperamental as menswear gets. Decades later the combo of light wash jeans and Converse high tops still works as well as ever, though that gilet and checked shirt havent aged quite so well. While both dark and light high top Converse will work well with white jeans, the look works best in monochrome.

Standard issue chinos of the ilk your dad might wear wont do here though: youll have to get a bit more menswear than that with a pair that are cropped at the hem. The appeal of a pair of Converse high tops is their ability to complement almost any outfit: the style traverses the gym scenester, the smart/casual blazer guy and even the classic lad, says Chris Gove, creative director of British brand Percival.

Then, to knock any sneaking suspicions that youre on school holidays, wear a bold stripe shirt up top rather than a plain tee. Were well on board for multiple kick drops (not drop kicks) but truth be told, we always find ourselves drawn right back to old favourites, and there are few styles more well worn by us than Converse high tops. Both retro and modern, Converse makes a timeless choice in a minefield of hype trainers and are far more cost effective. Include description, all listings results pagination - page 1, items, per, page.

All listings, view:Gallery view 1-48 of 730 results, you may also like, showing slide, current_slide of, total_slides, you may also like. Now, were pretty certain that over 90 per cent of the male population has tried some sort of low top trainer with their tailoring by now.

With Cropped Chinos Chinos and Converse high tops have much in common: everyones had a crack at wearing them or at least thought about. To avoid the full-kit wanker vibes, chuck on a denim jacket and a simple white T-shirt. Converse, men's, black, high, top, nike, men's. Bershka With Raw Selvedge Jeans Theyre hardly a pair of work boots but Chucks have a sense of everyday utility about them because you can wear them with practically anything.

Try tonally matching whats on your torso to your feet to tie the look together properly. Avoid additional pockets, too, as theyll mess up the clean lines youre aiming for here. Alternatively if pared-back shades arent really your vibe a printed short sleeve shirt will work well here, and thanks to your classy choice of footwear youre less likely to be mistaken for the BBQ tong-wielder-in-chief. Here fit is crucial too: anything that could could cut off your circulation is not advisable.

In fact, swapping a pair of weary plimsolls for a some box fresh Converse high tops is a good way to stand out when everyone else is playing it safe in the sun. Because shorts are already low on formality, whether you choose light or dark high tops to wear with your thigh grazers, youll need to make sure that your kicks are always clean: cleanliness is next to godliness and all that. And, unless youre headed to Comic-Con, avoid doing the tardis thing by veering casual with what youre wearing underneath your suit jacket. Urban Outfitters With Shorts On first reading, high top sneakers and shorts worn together sounds like territory into which no fully grown man should travel.