Thank god for the woman in my life

Wonderful day, the eighth of March, Like the anthem of female beauty, Flowers, smiles , mood will be touched, To fulfill the desires of women is our main duty! It ain't how daddy did it ain't a 1990 plan God bless the working women holding up the workin man. Your soul Is so lovely, so pure. Thank, gOD, fOR, workin women.

Ill not leave you even for a while. Blossom like the best of flowers, By a tender breeze caressed. I am sure that this Womens day Will let your troubles fly away.

My dear lady, you are always there When we do need you. Youll never be alone!

I wish for you the best from all, Be yourself, dont be a doll. We cant live apart. Try to catch one star from sky, Sing a song and dont be shy! Well do our only best To make you on this day to rest We love you so much, Be happy on the 8th of March!

Simply enjoy This evening, wish you luck and joy! When you are near I can cure My stresses.

I want for you to cook A tasty cake with tender cream So soft like you, my dear. Woman, thank you thank you, god thank you woman, what we have is something special, something quite unique, what we have should last forever, heaven at my feet, i would give the world to you. Use the greatest of your powers, mind and beauty unsuppressed.

YouTube3:38,6:44,4:43,5:34,21:04,2:15,48:47. Believe in miracle and love, Also keep your beauty. Woman, you are so bright! Good luck, great changes, Shine every day.

Their nurses in hospitals soldiers in Iraq and Iran their teachers in the classrooms Doing anything they can. Beautiful creature of the planet Earth, As a guiding star for reaching a new secret land. International Womens Day is here, Girls, its all for you, forget your fear.

So, stay with me and on this day Youll also never go away From. Womens Day, it is so pretty, Dozen flowers, sweets and joy.

My dear, know that this cool role You have in my lifes great. I wish your troubles go away. She gets up in the morning gets the kids off to school makes him a big breakfest, lord, he feels like such a fool. Congratulate you On Womens Day!

I have these feelings, I do not hide Them. Let sun will warm you And bring you joy.

My dear lady, let us date Today and now celebrate This warm and sunny day of March, I love you, pretty, so much! Youll get now what I really mean: I wait March every year To come and let me, sure, say: Be tender, but stay strong, Let all the bad stuff goes away. You are the best woman, oh, alas!