A projectile is shot from a cannon

The projectiles were to fly forth, stretching the long chain between them, mowing down a sizeable segment of the enemy. Draw the vector with correct magnitude and orientation, measure the sides of the rectangle, and draw a rectangle so that the vector is the diagonal the horizontal component of a projectile's velocity is independent. Cast-iron shot had been introduced by 1400, and, with the improvement of cannon during that century, iron shot gradually replaced stone. Greater distance will be obtained due to a more stable launching support.

The ball in one gun was chained to the ball in the other. These sinister projectiles were widely used in the American Civil War and the Napoleonic Wars and could be simultaneously fired with a traditional cannonball for an efficient use of gunpowder. If the cannon has a barrel velocity of 60 m/s, where will the cannonball be 1 second later?

After dismounting the enemy pieces, the siege guns moved close enough to batter down the walls. Hot shot, as if the traditional cannonball werent scary enough, the iron balls were sometimes heated until they were red-hot to serve as incendiary devices against wooden ships. Sports and Actions Improved With a Better Launch Pad Here is a list of sports and activities, along with the specific actions that can be improved with a stronger lower body.

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60 degrees after a rock that is thrown straight up reaches the top of its path and is starting to fall back down, its acceleration is (neglecting air resistance)? At the very top of the ball's path, its velocity is? With a fair aim at the waterline, a gunner could sink or seriously damage a vessel with a few rounds. Assume no air resistance 373 m/s a projectile is launched at an angle of 45 degrees with an initial velocity of 282.84 m/s in an attempt to hit a balloon high above.

Written, bY, melissa, petruzzello, melissa, petruzzello is, assistant. She has her,.S. On ironclad targets like the Monitor and Virginia (Merrimack however, round shot did little more than bounce; it took the long, armor-piercing rifle projectile to force the development of the tremendously thick plate of modern times. The procedure was not as haphazard as it sounds.

Instead, the chain wrapped the gun crews in a murderous embrace; one gun had fired late. If it is thrown upward at an angle instead, its acceleration would be what? The cage or bag would break apart upon firing, releasing the balls much like a modern shotgun.

Bartholomew Roberts (Black Barty the infamous Welsh pirate, was felled by grapeshot from a British warship in 1722. Given the risk of fire and explosion, the use of hot shot was banned on many naval ships, though the USS Constitution was famously outfitted with a hot shot furnace. Upon firing, the canister would break apart to release its deadly contents across enemy lines.

Bar shot appears in a Castillo inventory of 1706, and like chain shot, was for specialized work like cutting a ship's rigging. Click on the Piece of Eight to return to the Main Page). Lead-coated stones were fairly popular, and solid lead balls were used in some small pieces, but the stone ball was more or less standard.