Buzzfeed what best friends are you

Which of these celebrities would you want to join your friend group? Who comes around, to pluck you up, when you are down?

Share your score with your best friend, who will then take the quiz, checking off all the the things they're absolutely sure they know about you. When you're out, and the cover picks you, up off the floor, the, vultures/Rocky: Aha.

When they are feeling down, you are able to remind them of how special they by providing an immediate boost their self esteem and guiding them through any situation. Below, check each of the details you're absolutely sure you know about your best friend.

The Cultural Companion The Cultural Companion You are the type of friend who everyone wants to travel with! Your best friend just started dating someone you cant stand.

You have been everywhere and seen everything. The Matriarch The Matriarch Your friends often refer to you as The Mom of the group because you are affectionate and comforting!

And when you're outside looking in, Who's there to open the door? How did you and your best friend meet? Aha, aha, that's what friends are for The Vultures: When you're lost In dire need Who's at your side At lightning speed? The Sensible Mentor The Sensible Mentor You have always been the one who inspires your friends to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

Although you may have encountered some obstacles, you are the kind of friend who stays loyal and helps your friends navigate their way through this journey we call life. You are a wise and compassionate companion who always keeps it real and thats why your friends love you so much! How do you react? At the end, you'll get a score out.

When do your friends usually call you? Posted on, jan 18, 2018, put your friendship to the test.

By, kat, angus, buzzFeed, staff. You are always proud of your friends when they achieve something great and support them whenever they need it! You have your finger on the pulse of all things related to art, music and fashion and you are always informing your friends of the latest cultural trends.

And if you've got more than one best friend, just retake the quiz for each friend you want to test. The, vultures: We're your friends, rocky: They're your friends, the, vultures: We're your friends, until the bitter end, when you're down-in. Rocky: That's what friends are for The Vultures: You know the zebra, The hyena, and the kangaroo, The cobra and the lion All agree it's true We're fond of every creature Coming down the pike Rocky: In fact, they've. Your friends come first, and you make sure to let them know you love them by providing them with a soft spot to land when life gets tough.