If i get bad grades in college

You can use narrative reports, by which I mean qualitative summaries of progress in written form, or, better yet, you can have conferences with students and/or their parents to discuss how things are going. This helps to make grades as invisible as possible for as long as possible and therefore minimizes the harm they do when students are thinking about them. The questions they ask their kids ought to be about what theyre doing, not about how well the teacher thinks theyre doing. Write to us in the Comments Section and share your views on our Facebook Page.

Incidentally, many, many schools have abolished grades entirely, and these tend to be places where students are far more engaged with what theyre learning. Other schools that provide written reports instead of letter grades include Antioch University with campuses in Los Angles, California and four other locations; New College of Florida ; Prescott College in Arizona; Goddard College in Vermont and Washington; and Fairhaven College. And I'm Jill Robbins.

But some colleges do not use grades. To make necessary changes evaluation -. Vanessa Rios, second from left, with fellow Antioch University students.

Grades, ideally intended as an effective means to learn, have transformed into a goal in itself. The evidence on all of these effects is very clear, and it seems to apply to students of all ages.

With grades, this appears not to be the case. Rachel Rubinstein is dean of academic support at Hampshire College. For many families, the grade is the goal. Students expecting less work will be disappointed Kathy Lake is vice president for academic affairs at Alverno.

After all, if the point is to get an A, your odds are better if you avoid taking intellectual risks. There are very few kids who are self-motivated. The reports also include suggestions on how students can do better. The detailed reviews by teachers mean they need to understand what is being taught, she said.

Bruce Alpert reported on this story for VOA Learning English. We all know that changing the education system is a long process. Would you like to attend school that does not provide letter grades? But the only real solution is to eliminate grades altogether, or to come as close to that as is practical in a given school.

Detailed suggestions from her Alverno teachers helped her write clearly. First, their interest in the learning itself is diminished. Interestingly, the importance we place on grades within the perimeter of educational facilities does not coincide with the importance companies place on grades. Kids are motivated by grades, Coplin said.

In this process, the students personal development is becoming a footnote, overshadowed by the imperative significance of grades. Jerome Bruner put it this way: We want students to experience success and failure not as reward and punishment, but as information.

To judge the value or condition of someone in a careful and thoughtful way academic - adj. But in many cases, he could not explain why he received the grades he did. Many researchers, educators and parents are now questioning the purpose and effectiveness of grades. That just doesnt work at Alverno, Lake said.

It seems like an innocent question, but if you unravel it, a worrying trend surfaces. What makes the process of grading so problematic- is it that the concept of grading is intrinsically unreliable or that it is misused by teachers? It has already helped her prepare teaching plans simple enough for young children to understand.