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Once everyone starts thinking more deeply about their goals, it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page as you go through the workshop. How will you be working towards what you want this to look like?

Ask students to write down two goals they would like to achieve. Performance From an individual and a coach/facilitator perspective, what are the measures of performance that indicate the individual is progressing towards their goal? Batmana pojal temnji a vce realisticky. Even ten minutes a day to review and write about your goals will help to keep you focused, motivated, and feeling more positive about the journey youre on (Robinson, 2017).

Are the curtains or window blinds open fully or do you prefer them closed while you get ready? 2 #3034 a Detective Comics Vol. Again, you can write this down on good old fashioned paper, in a journal, or use a computer whatever works best for you.

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