Game of thrones telltale choices

Do you regret any of them? Important choice #3 Important decision #3 Important decision #3 Show him mercy - You free Eric Send him to the wall - You send him to exile Take three fingers - You sentence him to a traditional punishment.

The gate has been smashed and Whitehills are slipping in and slaughtering your small folk. This is the beginning of a series of episode recaps that we will be posting as the game progresses.

Instead of just looking at the aggregate of the entire player population of the game, we hope to see the consensus from the Wikia community. He argues that it is not stealing since they belong to no man, rather the community. When two guards are pursuing you, thats just what saves youor so you thought.

The showdown weve been waiting for all season tied up more than a few lose ends. Your council is making a large fuss about how greet Ramsay. Youre about to be executed again before Duncan pulls you out and throws you on a horse.

Game of Thrones : A Telltale Games Series Game Guide.

Whitehills while, mira and, gared furthered their plans to bring aid to their family. Telltale Community Results Swore loyalty to King Joffrey - 69 Swore loyalty to Margaery Tyrell In Ironrath, you play as Ethan Forrester, the second-youngest son of Gregor Forrester.

Royland is a warrior, while Duncan is more of passive strategist. Important choice #4 Important decision #4 Important decision #4 Give Bracer To: Duncan - You give the Bracer to Duncan and he becomes your sentinel Give Bracer To: Royland - You give the Bracer to Royland and he becomes.

Everyone is camped outside for the wedding of Edmure Tully. Thats not to say the game itself isnt exceptional.

It got even better when you arrived at The Grove and saw it was actually a Warg rather than a wild animal. On to Season 2!