Panic at disco nine in the afternoon

"Panic At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon". Your eyes are the size of the moon, You could 'cause you can so you do, We're feeling so good, Just the way that we do, When it's nine in the afternoon.

Retrieved July 2, 2016. The band members also wear black, red and other colored turtleneck sweaters. It was the first song written after the band decided to scrap an entire album of songs that the members had been planning to release in autumn 2007. The song has undergone changes in key and lyrics since first being performed.

At the, disco 2008 single by, panic at the, disco nine in the, afternoon " is a song by the, american rock band, panic at the, disco, and the first single from the group's second album Pretty. Back to the street where we began, (.

Panic at the Disco's first performance of "Nine in the Afternoon" was at Virgin Festival 2007. The turtlenecks covered up the mask necks and made it seem the band actually had animal heads.

At the, disco, nine in the, afternoon, lyrics

'Nine, in, the, afternoon nine, in, the, afternoon en espaol, back to the streets where we began, feeling as good as lovers can. In July on MTV, it was announced that "Nine in the Afternoon" was nominated for a MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video. At the Disco Songs".

You can Into a place, where thoughts can bloom Into a room where its nine in the afternoon And we know that it could be And we know that it should And you know that you feel. 10 This date was confirmed earlier during Panic's Final Challenge on MTV's website. Reed, Ryan (November 20, 2017). The dessert wasteland shows the band in animal masks.

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"MTV Buzzworthy Blog » Nine Days of Panic: Day 1". Chart performance edit In its first week of release, "Nine in the Afternoon" was the most added track at modern rock radio. Em feeling as good as lovers can, you know, (. Charts edit Certifications edit References edit Brown, Janice (2008).