Ring change mood with colours

The bead can change to green, blue, yellow, brown, purple, black etc., base on your mood. Crown Mini Mood Ring The mini mood stones have an exquisite retro crown ring settings. Furthermore, they tend to perfectly spruce up engagement rings. It is adjustable and comes with a mood chart.

Color Changing Ring This ring looks elegant and fun! Burgundy Happy or Romantic Deep Red Passionate Bright Red Excited, Terrified or Adventurous Orange Red SStressed or Confused Dark Orange Worried or Tense Oftentimes in life, red represents love and passion. White: This indicates confusion, boredom or frustration on the part of the wearer.

Purple: When this shows on the mood ring, the person is sensual but with a clear mind. While the physics of lightwaves may be exceedingly complex, the methodology that goes into determining what colors reflect which moods are eminently simple. Most often it comes with a color chart that shows the equivalent mood for each color. Can mean deep thinking, feeling flirty, intense moods, calm, love, passionate and romantic feeling.

If you would like to chitchat with me, email me here! The stone in the center changes its color based on your body temperature. And with the wide ranges of meanings for every color in the chart, it is not that accurate pin pointing the actual mood of a person at any given time using the ring.

Ancient Gold Mood Ring This ancient mood ring has an adjustable band. It generally means the person is feeling jittery and the mind is wandering. Crown Gallery Princess Mood Ring The mood stone in this ring measures really nice. Yellow Imaginative Bright Yellow Deep Thinking or Poetic Every time you are in your creative or imaginative mood, this will reflect a shade of yellow on your ring.

When the temperature changes, the orientation of the crystals also changes, altering their color.

It comes with a mood chart which shows the equivalent moods for each color. The color of the stone can change from red, green, yellow, blue, black, or purple. Mood Ring Color Chart Meaning of The Colors: Black: The default color of the ring is black when it is not worn. Few if any mood rings from the 1970s or even the 1980s are still functioning as they should.

Ring enhancer A ring enhancer is an exceptionally designed ring, to slick up solitaire diamond rings. Heat can also cause significant damage to the stone, so its important to leave your ring in dry, room temperature spaces whenever possible. A mood ring wont last as long as a quality LCD TV, and its lifespan will vary some depending on how much you use it, but you can still expect any decent mood ring to have a respectable shelf life.

As a result, the mood ring will change into a darker color. Indigo Calmness, Stillness or Tranquility Deep Purple Romantic Reddish Purple Desperate or Angry Bright Pink Happiness, Affection or Love Most likely when you feel relaxed but flirty at the same time, your mood ring will show a shade of purple.

The surface temperature of the human body can be a significant indicator of how the body reacts to internal stimuli like stress and excitement. At one end of deep red, it shows arousal, passion and love.