The collapse of western roman empire

Historian Polybius, a 2nd century BCE writer, pointed to a dying republic (years before it actually fell) - a victim of its declining moral virtue and the rise of vice within. Attila the Hun. The urban population declines.

The government itself was unstable. For the first time in nearly a millennium, the city of Rome was in the hands of someone other than the Romans. While temporarily agreeing to Alaric's demands - something he never intended to honor - 6,000 Roman soldiers were sent to defend the city, but they were quickly defeated. The Romans perceived them as enemies; the barbarians perceived Rome as simply a nicer place to live.

It has some heirs, however, like all dead entities. The old empire was ravaged, among others, by Burgundians, Angles, Saxons, Lombards, and Magyars. At the end of the centuries long, pax, romana-(or "Roman, peace around the 200's, aD /CE Germanic tribes from, northern and, central.

The people realized the coins were worth more money than before. Social Hierarchy A system in society where people are ranked by their social class. They came not so much as conquerors as military recruits, or as allies, or as refugees. Not as rich maybe, but much easier pickings.

Whether they were successful or not doesnt much matter, because Attila died shortly thereafter of a brain hemorrhage. The Eastern Roman Empire fell to foreign invaders too. He is active, although some of it involves some miracles, in poor relief. With no other course, Alaric gathered together an army of Goths, Huns and freed slaves and crossed the Alps into Italy.

The collapse of the, roman, empire into Eastern and, western

And some of them are good cats names or dog names, too. Later that century, Christianity became the official state religion of the Empire. Yes, just the city of Rome.

35 more terms Unit 4 - The Middle Ages - Quiz Western Roman Empire Collapse Middle Ages Quiz Western Roman Empire The Fall Of Rome Learning And Culture terms IN this SET (39) Social Class A group of people. They used the walls of the Coliseum as a fort. Every 14 years 19 more terms.05 The Byzantines Western Roman Empire Collapse Great Schism Of 1054 Eastern Orthodox Emperor Leo Iii Christianity terms IN this SET (25) why did the western Roman Empire collapse while the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) continued to thrive? If we ask why the Western Empire collapsed, the simple, most immediate answer is it was taken over by German confederations, tribes.

Whatever the cause, whether it was religion, external attack, or the internal decay of the city itself, the debate continues to the present day; however, one significant point must be established before a discussion of the roots. Taxes went down, and the gap between the rich and poor decreased. All that effectively remained of the Western empire when Odovacer overthrew Romulus Augustulus was Italy. And Attila certainly threatened the Eastern Empire first, but the Eastern emperor defeated the Huns, discontinued tribute to them, and in a pattern that well see repeated again and again, the Huns decided that Constantinople was too tough.

We saw that Diocletian, around 300 AD, militarizes Roman government, pays for the, perhaps, doubling of the military presence of the Roman army by changing the taxation system. They also raised taxes on the Roman citizens. And another aspect of that is that the army tended to be commanded now more and more by barbarian generals.

Two of these generals, war leaders, magistri, Stilicho and Alaric. Our Western Roman Empire Collapse study sets are convenient and easy to use whenever you have the time.