My car suddenly stopped running

Someone had been smoking in the room. They were wearing thin trousers (what).

Bills coat and mittens were wet because he had been playing snowballs with his friends in the yard. We started to play football at about three.

Been had cleaned had. . How long had the boys been riding their bikes yesterday? Somebody broke my car and stole the radio.

A child who ran across the road. I (not to spend) a penny for six months before I got a sufficient sum.

Sarah had been collecting dolls since she was a girl. What had the boys been eating in the park yesterday? Robert and Frank had been fixing that computer for two hours yesterday. (not/finish) our work in time.

Helen had been speaking to her friend on the phone for two hours yesterday. She (to make) photocopies of some documents for the boss for about an hour and then she (to type) some letters for two hours before her working day was over. She (to teach) Russian for three years when she (to live) in France. She had been working as a secretary just for two years.

They had been writing for two hours. When the company went bankrupt, nothing could change the situation.

When I (arrive) back at the car park, my car wasnt there! We were extremely tired at the end of the journey. Last week we had been preparing for the exam from Monday till Thursday. (go) to school by bus for three months, when they cancelled the school bus service.