Valiants hearts the great war ost

When Emile is first arrested for desertion, he is pardoned because of bravery in a previous battle and returned to the front easily. And Now for Someone Completely Different : You switch around playable characters all the time, bouncing from Anna to Karl to Emile to Freddie and back again at random. Nice Hat : A lot, as is to be expected.

Drill Sergeant Nasty : The officer in charge of Emile's regiment seems like this at first, continually yelling at you to go through the sequence of getting kitted out, though he does give you praise when you do each section of training correctly. Even the most battle-hardened soldiers get knocked silly when Emile attacks them from behind.

Sleeves Are for Wimps : Emile and Freddie fight WWI through tragedy and exposed biceps. It is bristling with guns and even has an envelope-mounted airplane catapult.

In the levels taking place during the long Battle of Verdun, the Facts screen tells of an accident in the armory of a fortress occupied by the Germans, which caused the deaths of hundreds of soldiers. Unfortunately, Emile is executed for "murdering" his commanding officer, when in reality he killed him to prevent more people dying due to his insanity. Thank goodness Karl came along, or else she not have survived. Iwo Jima Pose : The raising of the Canadian Flag at Vimy Ridge is done in a similar style as the raising of the American Flag at Iwo Jima.

While no one is shown being killed, artillery pieces require human operators to fire, normally standing nearby. A Lighter Shade of Grey : However, only the Germans are shown using chemical weapons or bombing civilian population centers. Civilian children have regular, big round eyes. French Jerk : In spades!

Valiant, hearts - The, great, war (Original Game Soundtrack)

Face Death with Dignity : Emile. Improbable Weapon User : In order to maintain the Two-Fisted Tales /Franco-Belgian comic aesthetic and anti-violence message of the game, none of the player-characters wield guns or other obviously lethal weapons as standard.

When Karl is taken prisoner, the French soldiers threaten to bayonet Anna, even though she's clearly unarmed and not dangerous to them. The game also takes time to highlight that the war was fought by other lesser known forces, like the Canadians and Indians who were at the time part of the British Empire. Zerg Rush : Shown several times in the game, most often by the French army, with depressingly predictable results.

Dog Stereotype : Subverted; for a doberman Walt is very amiable even toward strangers. Kleptomaniac Hero : Justified Trope ; no one seems to notice or care that Anna, fixes, but ultimately steals a French taxi, because the government had requisitioned all Paris taxis to help convey the troops to the front in a big hurry. Of course, this was before the concept of gas being against the rules of war was invented, and so he may just be a technophile using the most advanced weapons of his day to win the day for Germany. Stuffed into the Fridge : Freddie's fiance, Catrin, is killed at the beginning of the war and vengeance for her death is his main motivation.

Corpse Land : In one of the last levels of the game, Emile is forced to take cover with and climb over the massed corpses of his comrades, under a dark sky lit up only by German machine gun fire. The German Army kills Freddie's wife during a bombing run and kidnaps Anna's father to force him to develop weapons. The former at one point saves a little girl from wolves despite being so weak from malnutrition that he can hardly help himself. Ambidextrous Sprite : Zig-zagged; Most of the characters are roughly symmetrical with the item they're carrying always showing for accessibility.

In actuality Karl faked his death to escape, but Emile doesn't know this, and goes to his grave thinking his son-in-law is dead. A B, c D, e F, g H, i J, k L,. That being said, they're still heartless General Rippers who barely care for their men at all.

Mildly Military : Emile, a French soldier, gets away with being out of uniform and not carrying a rifle rather a lot (France was actually running short on rifles during the war, and ripping uniforms off dead bodies would be a cultural taboo). Only to stop at a blasted landscape littered with corpses, and the screams of the wounded and dying. Killing commanding officers makes the other team less effective at fighting. Only One Name : We only learn the last name of one playable character - Emile Chaillon.

Mickey Mousing : The Driving sections have the obstacles appear and move in sync up with the music playing, though unlike the usual trope that would take this spot, the player doesn't actually contribute to the music, and is simply. This is Truth in Television, although perhaps a little too early in the war. Despite many of the character lines being illustrated by pictograms and the lack of subtitles except for the narration, they do talk in their respective languages, though they're somewhat soft spoken so it's hard to hear. Dangerous Deserter : Averted.