My first car what should i get

The best cars are created when automakers work together across country lines. 10 soups, plus a sleeve of saltines for good measure Only one soup, actually, that might even be too high.

Oh, and it wasnt really mine my parents let me drive. Convertible Convertible As an outgoing, sociable and spontaneous person, you love the great outdoors and everything that goes with it, making a convertible the perfect car for you.

Anywhere I know my car will be up on blocks in seconds if I leave it unattended The fact that my car will have to be sent somewhere special to be repaired Although I have advanced safety equipment, my car is a glorified roller skate. Hatchback Hatchback Youre a simple soul, and not too bothered about what your car looks like as long as it gets you from A. It doesn't matter where the car comes from, as long as it is dependable! This time, its an Accord.

But for mainstream society, thats an aspirational vehicle. Transporting bags of dog food to the local animal shelter Transporting samples of my product to potential clients Helping my friend move for the tenth time this year Storing my Samsonite luggage on the way to the airport A seamlessly. This type of car is one of the most sustainable due to the fact it doesnt require any fuel, and is easy to maintain.

Recently, I had an early morning appointment that required me to take a different route to work. An electric car ticks all of these boxes and it would also reflect your interest in looking after the environment. Chances are they've got"s to meet and vehicles to sell, and will stop at nothing to get you into one. 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min trivia Test Your Automotive Knowledge With a Car Quiz!

What's the most important thing in life? When my vehicle sits at least a full foot higher than any snow that might have fallen, I have no fear. By creating a more pleasurable ride quality, owners are more likely to become brand-specific customers for life. That financially responsible approach is more important to me than having a bigger brand name or fancier car!

By: Nikki, weed 7, min, quiz, image: Jake, cueroll via,. Heads up display that integrates Waze; it would be so much easier than trying to keep track on the phone.

A hatchback will meet your needs perfectly these cars are reliable, no-frills vehicles that last, plus with the right research you can pick up a real bargain. Which best describes how you're going to use your car? About, this, quiz, after pulling onto a dealership parking lot, the typical person shopping for a vehicle can quickly become overwhelmed. Remember, this was a BMW SUV, and it was driven by a teenager carrying a group of other high energy, loud-singing teenagers.

Whats funny is that as I close in on 40, Im still driving a Honda. What's your approach to driving? A cat in a carrier A black labradoodle A Labrador of sorts The neighbor's kids personality Should You Buy a Car, a Truck, a Crossover or an SUV?